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Italian company producing high precision mechanical oil and gas appliances is looking for partners under manufacturing agreement

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Moulding, injection moulding, extrusion, sintering
Machining (turning, drilling, moulding, planing, cutting)
Exploration Services
Drilling and Support Services
Drilling and extraction equipment
Drilling instrumentation
Enhanced Oil Recovery/Heavy Oil/Shale


Italian mechanical company, founded in 1963, has become a world leader in the field of high precision mechanical work on medium - large parts, thanks to its numerous innovations. The company deals with the following processes: drilling, tapping, milling, boring. Significant installations are placed in the most prestigious companies all over the world. The company is looking to expand abroad and is looking for partners under manufacturing agreements.



The family-run company is based in northern Italy and thanks to the abilities and skills combined with the experience and capabilities of the founder, production capacity has continuously improved with the installation of the first CNC (Computer Numerical Control) boring machine. The company has always firmly believed in its production capacity, due also to the highly qualified staff which nowadays continues to improve its skills through internal and external courses. The company has acquired some prestigious multinational groups as customers with nuclear, marine, energy and wind power projects.

Production of the following machines:
- Boring
- Tapping
- Milling
- Reaming

- Carbon steel (low / high bound)
- Stainless steel (austenitic)
- Cast iron (ferrite, pearlite and spheroidal)
- Aluminum (in castings and laminates)

- Casting and forging of medium to large size in any kind of product
- Welded steel structures
- Laminates

Potential application fields of the product/service are: renewable energy (aeolian, hydroelectric….),nuclear, marine, press, automotive, oil and gas, aviation, aerospace, cableways, railway, cement, autotomotive.

Potential partners are companies active in different sectors such as energy, nuclear, railway, oil and gas, aviation, aerospace, cableways, cement, autotomotive that require specific high precision mechanical work.

The company is increasingly focusing on the quality of its products to achieve prestigious national and international goals without technological and market boundaries. Significant job orders were received from the most prestigious companies in the world: France, Great Britain, Norway, Finland, Spain, Holland, Germany, German-speaking Switzerland, India, USA, Korea, Peru, Saudi Arabia.

The company is looking for new partners in order to expand its business abroad. They are looking for partners on a long term basis and are interested in manufacturing agreements.

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Production is performed by machines that work at a high level of accuracy thanks to the use of computer programs. The work is subsequently checked to ensure it meets the range of tolerance predefined on the basis of contractual requirements. -Robotized tool room, quality, continuous updating of boring machine, continuous investment to expand the business. -Innovative Laser controls called FARO , know-how of 60 years, management software to increase productivity and check the work from the computer from beginning to end. The company has a highly qualified and constantly trained personnel with internal and external courses. The productive force has an annual production capacity of around 1000 details. But to face the technological and market challenges, something more has been done, first of all the quality reaching: The company has several certifications: ISO 9003 certification in 1995 by RINA (Italian Naval Registry) which is renewed annually. ISO 9001: 2008 certification and implements the controls of products processed with a laser system. ISO 9001: 2008 certification by RINA has been extended for hydrostatic tests to customer specifications

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Already on the market

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The company is looking for long term collaboration with partners that can be engine company, energy company, nuclear company, railway company, press company, oil and gas company, aviation company, aerospace company, cableways company, cement company, autotomotive company that need specific high precision mechanical work for their activities or products. Manufacturing agreement is the collaboration sought after.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500