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Italian company producing table olives is looking for distributors

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The Italian company, based in Puglia, in the territory of Cerignola Ofanto Valley is looking for partners for distribution services agreements. The company is committed to the production of table olives of superior quality, including the varieties "Bella di Cerignola", "Peranzana", "Leccino" and "Nocellara" to meet the different needs of the market, respecting the objectives of maintaining tradition, quality and authenticity to be able to access domestic and foreign markets.



This is a young company that has been operating in the canned food sector since 1994, particularly in the marketing of table olives. The great vivacity of management and the matured competence about the production process of the olive, make the company an established commercial reality that has in the "quality" a fundamental prerogative to face with effectiveness a market always looking for genuine products and tradition. The uniqueness of the Tavoliere and the countryside of Cerignola, the territory in which the company is located, make the Oliva Bella di Cerignola an internationally recognized product and towards which the company has decided to invest decisively. In fact, the company has dedicated an entire product line to the Oliva Bella di Cerignola, a true flagship of the entire production, aware that the market will respond positively to this unique product of superior quality.
Company portfolio includes:Olives green Cerignola Beautiful in brine, olives red Cerignola beautiful in brine and seasoned olive
The company wants to increase sales abroad. For this goal the company is looking for new business partners, across the European Union, interested in establishing distribution services

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What make this family-run company very competitive are the high quality of its work, the experience of 25 years on the market and the tracceability of its products. An ecological and reflective production, which makes the circular economy: The company has a long experience in the market of the production of a large quantity of types of table olives that continues to produce with traditional methods. The company used various ways to package the olives: tin,bucket, poche, round glass jar,bellied glass jar and candy pack.

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The company is looking for importers and distributors in European Union specializing in olives with a wide customer portfolio that also includes small chains of delicatessen stores.

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SME 11-50


Nocellara olives - kg. 0,500 pouche Peranzana olives - kg. 0,500 pouche Bella di Cerignola olives -


Bella di Cerignola olives - ml. 314 round glass jar Bella di Cerignola olives - ml. 3100 round glass


Baresana seasoned olives - gr. 1000 bucket Baresana seasoned olives - gr. 500 bucket Baresana olives


Bella di Cerignola olives - ml. 4250 bellied glass jar Bella di Cerignola olives - ml. 3100 bellied