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Italian company, providing innovative solutions for energy consumption and production control for industrial plants, is looking for a distribution services agreement

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The Italian company, working in the energy field, has developed a system to measure and control both the energy consumption and the production in industrial plants, especially in the production plant of bituminous conglomerate, aggregate production and ready mix concrete. The Company is looking for a distribution services agreement or commercial agency agreement.



Since 1999, the Italian company works in the energy sector, helping industries to save on energy consumptions and costs, thanks to advanced technological solutions.
During these twenty years of activity, the company has focused the attention on the constant research of innovative solutions, winning several international awards.
The last solution developed is a system that monitors all production and consumption parameters, including gas and electricity. It detects and reads signals from meters collecting information for a detailed production analysis and control. The product is compatible with existing equipment and versatile, adaptable to various manufacturing processes.
The product has been developed for bituminous conglomerate, aggregate production and ready mix concrete, enabling producers of construction materials and other manufacturers to bridge distances between single production facilities, get accurate real-time performance and consumption data and monitor all production processes. It has offered a unique tool to calculate key performance indicators and compare performance across sectors and industries to develop savings planning and implement energy efficiency measures. The principle of customisation and versatility gives the possibility to adapt it to virtually any manufacturing business and embrace latest market challenges in the field of energy consumption and efficiency.
It is possible both on-line and off-line access to a customisable cloud dashboard, giving an instant overview of the most significant production data, which can be integrated into existing management systems
An effective personalised system of alerts, sent via SMS or e-mail, makes it possible to detect critical situations and prevent emergencies in real time. The collected data is carefully analysed and presented in a form of daily, weekly and monthly reports. The data is compared to internal and external benchmarks. In case of an anomaly, you are provided with prompt technical support.
In addition, there is a comprehensive support of a specialised energy management expert team, that is ready to interpret key data, calculate the key performance indicators, evaluate results and elaborate measures to implement an energy efficiency programme, in order to significantly reduce energy costs as well the carbon footprint.
The company, interested to widen its international portfolio, is looking for
• distributors with existing and documented sales to industries, seeking new technologies to control production and energy consumption;
• commercial agency agreement, in order to find agents to represent the system to production plants, showing all the advantages of the system.

Advantages & innovations

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The main advantages of the system are: • adaptability, customisation and versatility to various manufacturing processes • gas and electricity consumption saving and production monitoring • costs saving • analysis and interpretation of consumption and performance data together with expert energy management support • carbon dioxide saving released • a unique tool to calculate key performance indicators and compare performance across sectors and industries to develop savings planning and implement energy efficiency measures • real-time monitoring The main competitors offer several systems that monitor gas and electricity consumption, but they don’t monitor the production. Then, there are other competitors selling a system to control the production, that is, generally, not user-friendly. Moreover, these systems cannot detect also the energy data consumption. The product offered by the Italian company, instead, is the only one that allows to control both production (in terms of quantity, price and working hours ) and energy in real time. The web-based platform can be used at any device, including personal computers, smartphones and tablet computers, simply installing a dedicated application. The system provides push notifications in case of alerts in real time and generates daily, weekly and monthly reports. Concerning the pricing policy, the company offers an innovative business model, because allows to test the product for 3 months for free. If the client was not satisfied, he can stop the service at the end of the trial period. The package includes both hardware (the control unit that is installed at the production plant), a web-based platform with a special application and a dedicated support, ready to solve any problem and to help the client to interpret in the right way all the data collected.

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Type: distributors or agents with a documented work experience with production plants. Activity: the ideal fields of activity are bituminous conglomerate production plants, aggregate production plants, asphalt production plants, ready mix concrete plants paper recycling plants, manufacturing machinery and belt production plants; but, the versatility allows to use the system in every kind of production. Role: as distribution services agreement, the partner should distribute and promote the product, underlining not only the technological advantage, but also the economic one; as commercial agency agreement, the partner must be an agent representing and promoting the system to industries and companies with production plants, interested to control both the production and the energy consumption.