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Italian company seeks distribution agreement or joint venture with partners interested in graphene based product for eco-friendly oil spill responses and water treatment

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Wastewater Recycling
Sludge Treatment / Disposal
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Water treatment equipment and waste disposal systems


A graphene based product for eco-friendly oil spill responses and water treatment, available characterized and functionalized for each application (as pillows, socks of every dimension and shape needed) is offered by the Italian company. The company also produces photoluminescent material for thermoplastic polymer, elastomeric products, sylicon, photoluminescent masterbatches and compounds. Partnerships sought are distribution agreement and joint venture.



Italian company founded in Northern Italy in 2000 proposes semifinished materials: photoluminescent masterbatches and compounds. The photoluminescent material is made with inorganic compounds called photoluminescent pigments, consisting of crystals of aggregated elements and other agents. The pigments can be used in a wide variety of plastic, silicon and resins materials in flexible or rigid layers, and it is also non-allergenic and nontoxic.
The masterbatches are entirely manufactured in Italy with photoluminescent pigment international patented and certified with the guidelines of the FDA USA.
Masterbatches can be specifically provided in order to be used in different fields such as safety, toys, fashion-textile, health-care etc.
Since 2015 the company started working and researching on graphene properties in order to develop new products. In particular they developed new technologies, such as graphene based product for eco-friendly oil spills responses and water treatment. This product can be used in all kind of water-related situations, such as the iridiscent water (residual fuel) often found in harbors. Moreover the product is eco friendly as it can be reused from 5 to 6 times after being pressed or vacuumed, and meanwhile the oil can be collected, reused or correctly disposed of.
The company is looking for new partners interested in distribution agreement in order to promote and commercialize this new eco friendly product. Joint venture would also be welcomed for partners interested in being part of a new commercial project.

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The graphene application retrieves non-polar compounds (oils, solvents exc.) as 1g of graphene can absorb about 20/30g of hydrocarbons. The product is specifically designed (and functionalized) for oil spill response. Most common designs are pillows, socks but is possible to produce any dimension and shape The difference between this product and others is the maximum eco-friendly treatment of these issues; in fact it can retrieve every mg of spilled oil, also deleting the iridescence on top water and unable the oils to fall on the seabed. Moreover the graphene based product, when treating hydrocarbons, can be reused from 5 to 6 times after being pressed or vacuumed; meanwhile it is also possible to collect and reuse the absorbed contaminant. Graphene has the peculiarity of being able to be applied in countless fields; since the company is a supplier of semifinished graphene, they can characterized it in order to take advantage of one of its most important characteristics (outside of water treatment): lightness, resistance, resilience, great thermoregulation, thermal dispersion, high flame resistance with long reaction time and great electral conductivity. Fields of application: fabric textile, aerospace, medical, battery making, coatings etcetera.

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The Italian company seeks partners that could be interested in a distribution agreement, that are interested in acquiring this new product in their portfolio and sell it to its destination market. Another partnership that could be reached it’s a joint venture for companies interested in being fully involved in the project through the creation of a new business entity that would be co-owned by the Italian company and the partner sought.

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SME 11-50,University,R&D Institution,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500


examples of sorption capacity for non-polar compounds