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Italian company seeks European providers to fulfill short-term, massive-quantity supplies of specific food products

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Health food


Italian distributor who operates with public Italian institutes is looking for short-term partnerships with European providers for supplying consistent volumes of food (which has to meet specific requirements). Product type may vary depending on the kind of provision required. Collaboration would be under supply agreements.



In the context of European-food provisions, Italian company (who provides catering services and food supplies for numerous institutes spread all over the Italy; such as school, hospitals and police stations) may be interested in several kinds of product (e.g. milk, canned tuna, rusks etc.) to be supplied in large quantity and with strict requirements. To achieve this aim, the company needs European suppliers of food – whose type depends on the contract - able to deliver consistent volume of the specific type required. Also, the total provision has to be delivered within a short period – usually 100 days - and in daily shipments. The product has to strictly respect both product & packaging requirements. Shipping is not required.
The cooperation required is a commercial partnership based on supply agreement, whose terms (volumes of provision and duration of agreement) will be determined by the national institute.

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The company guarantees thirty-years’ experience and reliability in the field, financial stability, ISO9001/14001/22000/22005/37001/45001/50001 certified, high-level legality rating (2 out of 3), a proven supply chain with a semi-automatic storage & picking process. The company has obtained several awards: Cribis prime company in 2019: recognition as maximum commercial reliability. The recognition is based on the Cribis rating, a dynamic and constantly updated indicator on the company's reliability. First and Second Edition of the Felix Industry Award 2019, Competing Italy, organized by the cultural association Industria Felix, is reserved for entrepreneurial excellence with virtuous budgets and was born in 2015 as a regional experiment in Puglia.

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Massive- volume food provider who will play the role of supplier, subscribing an agreement with the Italian company.

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The provider has to satisfy high level of production capacity for supplying consistent volumes of product. It also needs planning capability to meet daily demand during provision. The product has to meet European restrictions for its specific genre. Furthermore, it is essential a flexible packaging process to package the product as requested.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,SME 51-250