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Italian company, specialised in manufacturing of surface treatment machinery is looking for distributors

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Surface treatment (painting, galvano, polishing, CVD, ..)
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The Italian company, based in northern Italy, is specialized in the production of shot blasting systems and scarifying machines. The company is looking for distributors of surface and construction equipment, ideally specialized in flooring, road and naval sectors. The targeted partnership is a distribution service agreement.



Established in 1979, the Italian company has 18 employees and is specialised in the manufacturing of surface treatment machinery. In particular the company has developed two different types of products:

 Shot blasting system: a closed loop portable machine, used to prepare a surface by the impact of mecanically abrasive steel projected at high speed. Abrasive and debris materials, removed by the impact, return inside the equipment and pass through a separator. Metallic abrasive is immediately reused for a new cycle while debris and contaminants are vacuumed away by a dust collector.
It can be used in:
• Industrial flooring cleaning and texturing
• Removal of old coatings, paint, rust
• Exposing aggregates
• Refurbishment of old concrete floors
• Providing non-slip surfaces
• Rubber deposit removal
• Removal of horizontal markings on roads, highways and airport runway
• Preparation of concrete and asphalt surfaces on roads, bridges and viaduct
• Preparation of ship decks
• Tanks preparation
• Iron preparation

 Scarifying machines, which consist in a rotating drum equipped with flails, mounted on shafts that scrape against the surface. These flails are available in various materials and shapes for different types of works.
They can be used in:
• Renovation of old surfaces
• Concrete and asphalt roughening
• Removal of old coatings
• Removal of self-levelling and high-profile paints
• Removal of road markings and thermoplastics
• Removal of rust on ship decks
• Grooving

The company is looking for distributors of surface and construction equipment under a distribution services agreement.

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The company’s shot blasting system boast an electro-hydraulic advancement system with all electrical components UL(Underwriters Laboratories) certified. The electric motors are with IE3 certified (International Electrotechnical Commission premium Efficiency standard) Moreover the blasting case are 8mm thick, against the 6mm of the competitors', strictly in manganese steel (1500 working hours vs 500h of the competition) and blasting wheel with replaceable blades separately. The company’s scarifying machines distinguish themseselves for: 1. Security system: a. Depth lever which regulates (up and down) the distance of the tools from the surface and allows drum raising without switch off (or lift) the machine during change of directions. b. Emergency Button. c. Dead man switch: an accidental fall or loss of consciousness of the operator will turn off the machine. d. Release coil (electric version) which opens the whole circuit in case of electric failure. 2. Depth control lever that precisely adjusts the working depth. 3. Wheels: aluminum rims covered by Vulkollan®. 4. All electric motors are IE3 certified

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Already on the market

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The company is interested in establishing a distribution services agreement with distributors of surface and construction equipment, particularly for the flooring sector, road sector and naval sector. The company is open to partners coming from all over.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500