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Italian company specialized in developing and producing agri-measurement instruments is looking for trade intermediaries (distributors/agents/representatives) to offer its products and services on external markets

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An Italian company, specialized in developing and producing agri-measurement instruments for fruit-growing and horticulture companies, is looking for partners to open up to new markets under commercial agency or distribution agreements. The company provides harvest and quality control instruments, including fruit ripeness testers, hand-held devices for measuring pulp firmness, refractometers, fruit firmness testers, fruit and vegetable calipers, thermometers.



The Italian company was established in Northern Italy on 1984; it is specialized in developing and producing agri-measurement instruments for fruit-growing and horticulture companies. Its products have become well-established in the worldwide markets thanks to their precision and reliability.
The company offers a complete range of instruments helping the industry users in all phases of the agricultural production; in particular, the company is specialized in providing harvest and quality control instruments, including:
- DA Meter - a fruit ripeness tester for pome and stone fruits; it allows to monitor on-tree fruit ripening, and to accurately establish the optimal harvest time. This instrument can also be used in refrigerated storage systems to establish maturation changes,
- fruit firm meter -a small hand-held device for measuring blueberry and cherry pulp firmness,
- fruit durometers - for cherry and tomato pulp hardness,
- refractometers - for reading and measuring the fruit juice sugar concentration,
- fruit firmness testers, that allow to measure the fruit firmness and to determine fruit maturation at harvest and in cold storage system,
- fruit and vegetable calipers,
- core fruit thermometers, for measuring the fruit pulp temperature,
- tools for water analysis, soil analysis, food products' analysis, temperature and/or humidity check,
- food lab meters, gas analyzers, measuring instruments, oenology meters, optical tools,
- data loggers tools which capture data such as temperature and / or humidity.
The Italian company looks for commercial agency and distribution services agreements in order to offer its products/services on new foreign markets. Ideal distributors and agents should have considerable experience in agricultural sector and strong local contacts, and the ability to drive promotion and sales with a high level of technical support.

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Its products have a market diffusion in several countries and are characterized by their precision and reliability. They can be used both in laboratory tests and in on-site tests, with a great level of versatility. Their value for money is very good. For over 35 years, the company has been meeting the needs of fruit-growing and horticulture companies with its offer of scientific instruments. Thanks to its experience as well as the in-depth knowledge of the market, the company can provide a wide range of products, which can be adapted to meet the most specific needs of the clients.

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They are looking for distributors/agents/representatives for partnership agreements in order to offer their products/services on external markets. The sought partners are expected to sell the company's products or act as international representatives on new foreign market. They should have a strong network of local contacts in agricultural sector, with specific reference to fruit-growing and horticulture companies. They are also expected to have a good level of technical competence and local agronomy knowledge. Distributors and agents may request an exclusive territory agreement.