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Italian company specialized in firing systems for safety, security and pyrotechnic industry offers its products for distribution agreements

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The Italian company develops firing systems that are applied in the remote automation of safety and security systems and in the civil and professional pyrotechnics industry. The company offer turnkey safe and certified systems using updated aerospace and automotive technologies. Aftercare services such as trainings, physical and virtual assistance are provided. The company is looking for resellers to conclude distribution agreements. The target countries are all EU countries.



The Italian company was founded in 2006 and it is specialized in firing system to be used for safety, security and fireworks industry. For production purposes the SME collaborates with reliable suppliers in Italy and in other countries with whom it has established long-term relationships. The company has authorized warehouses available for safety storage of Class 1 products (explosive and dangerous products). All products are covered by trademarks, are registered and all rights are protected by copyright. The company can offer aftercare services such as trainings and assistance.

The firing systems that are applied in the remote automation of safety and security systems are mainly pyrotechnic actuators and gas generators used for several applications such a: fix fire suppression systems, vehicle fire suppression systems, smoke evacuation systems, cash protection systems, emergency floating systems, emergency parachute systems, pilot protection systems (racing).

The firing systems applied in the civil pyrotechnics and professional display pyrotechnics (fireworks) are: high tech hardware and software, but also accessories such as electric igniters, safety fuses, delay fuses, pyrotechnic delays, electric wires, connectors and mortars.

The company is already involved in international cooperation and about 50% of the production is exported in more than 40 EU and extra EU countries. Nonetheless the company is interested in finding resellers to market and distribute their firing systems for the safety and pyrotechnic industry and thus further increasing its clients portfolio in the EU markets. The company is interested in concluding distribution agreement.

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As it concerns remote automation of safety and security systems the company can offer: An applied technology that derives from aerospace and automotive engineering sector; Certifications proving the conformity of all products to international accepted quality standards (ISO9001, ISO/TS16949,CE, LCPB - Loss Prevention Certification Board); Products apt to be shipped by air accordingly to A.D.R. (Accord européen relatif au transport international des marchandises dangereuses par route) and IATA (International Air Transport Association) procedures. As it concerns the civil pyrotechnics and professional display pyrotechnics the company can offer: Solutions ranging from small displays for weddings to major international events; Hiring of the systems and/or accessories; Systems that can quickly program and conduct tests; Systems suitable for almost every location and regulatory framework as it can work via cable and via wireless using a wide variety of radio frequencies and communication vectors; Energy efficiency maximizing performances and improving the battery life of its devices; After sales services such as trainings and technical assistance in the field; Video-tutorials available on the company website.

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The Italian company expects to find reliable distributors with a wide experience in safety, security and pyrotechnic systems. The distributor clients portfolio should possibly include companies of the building, automotive, racing, entertainment industry and of the banking sector. The targeted countries are all EU countries.