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Italian company specialized in manufacturing of super light-weight manual wheelchairs for disabled people, is looking for a distribution services agreement.

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The Italian company, working in biomedical engineering field, has developed a light-weight manual wheelchairs for disabled people, using a particular kind of aluminum exploited in the aerospace sector. Moreover, the wheelchair is equipped with three patented devices, that increase usability. The company is looking for a distribution services agreement or commercial agency agreement.



The company, based in the southern Italy, is an innovative start-up founded in 2014. The startup is the result of the union of an engineering company and a European incubator for new businesses, and nowadays they have already an international market.
They are specialized in mechanical and biomedical engineering as well as the prototyping and patenting products. Their main goal is developing highly innovative products, paying particular attention to comfort and refined aesthetic design, such as their super light-weight manual wheelchair for disabled people.

The wheelchair is realized in thermally treated aerospace aluminum :
• very lightweight and compact (only 5.9 kilos weight without the rear wheels)
• easily transportable, thanks to the fully tipped and lockable; so it is perfect for the transport by car or other means of transport such as train and airplane.

This wheelchair is equipped with three innovative solution, already patented:
1. variable-angle backrest adjustable by one click, that allows to the user's body has the ability to change position whenever it needs, so this improves the blood circulation and the breathing because there is a greater aperture of the diaphragm;
2. cushioned and shock absorbed seat, able to absorb the vibrations during the wheelchair’s motion, making it comfortable;
3. fabric push handles, carried out with nautical bands, provide an alternative to the classic push handles, because they allow a small encumbrance and a weight saving.

Finally, it is ideal for mounting an electric propulsion unit thanks to the adjustable cushioned seat and variable-angle backrest.
Changing the angle of the backrest, the posture is readjusted when the front part of the wheelchair is lifted from the ground to engage the electric propulsion unit.

The company, interested to widen its international portfolio, is looking for
• distributors with existing and documented sales;
• commercial agency agreement, in order to find agents to represent and promote the innovative wheelchair.

Due to exclusivity agreements already signed, Greece, Great Britain or Ireland are not eligible.

Advantages & innovations

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The mission of the Italian start-up is the mitigation the effects of disability, by providing people with physical disabilities with the tools to support and improve their mobility: on the basis of this idea they have designed and created innovative wheelchairs and mobility solutions. The main advantages ad innovations of this product are the following: 1. variable-angle backrest adjustable easily, just by one click 2. cushioned and shock absorbed seat, whose flexibility is given by the use of a special aluminum 3. fabric push handles, made with nautical bands, that allow an encumbrance saving 4. lightweight and resistant thanks to the suitably heat treated aerospace aluminum 5. compact and easily transportable 6. easily motorisable with an electric motor 7. cheaper than other active lightweight wheelchair (20% less than competing products)

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Already on the market

Partner sought

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Type: distributors or agents with a documented work experience. Activity: the ideal fields of activity are the healthcare, medical and rehabilitation fields. Role: as distribution services agreement, the partner should distribute and promote the product, underlining not only the technological advantage, but also the economic one; as commercial agency agreement, the partner must be an agent representing and promoting the wheelchair to hospitals, rehabilitation centers and private clinics. Because of previous exclusivity agreements, the partner cannot operate in Greece, Great Britain or Ireland.


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