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Italian Company specialized in the processing of almonds and apricot kernels is looking for distributors.

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The Italian company is located in the old Apulian town of Ceglie del Campo, in the centre of an area traditionally devoted to the manufacture and trade almond. Present on the national and international market for four generation, the company is specialized in the processing of almonds and apricot kernels in a wide range of semifinished products destinated for Italian and European confectionery companies, wholesalers , bakeries and laboratories. The company is looking for distributors.



At the beginning of last centyry the activity of the first generazion of the dealers of the company family consisted in the withdrawal of the almonds from the farmers with the exclusive aid of horse-drawn carriages and in the shelling "by hand " of the fruits finalized for the local resale.
In the 1940' the second genaration revoluzionized the historical local tradition by inventing the first shelling machine and histalled a primordial blanching linr of almonds exploited mainly for third parties The third generation in the wake of enthusiasm and y├Čthe acclaim reached in the market continued in the field of innovation and development up to reach a production capability of wholoe blanched almonds af 20 tons per day.
the blanching process also for third parties, is the primary company activity and consists in the removal of the teguament (peel or skin) of shelled almonds and apricot kerels through the following steps:
soaking in bolling water
immediate passage through rubber rollers
prompt drying in a hot oven , subsequent passage through a cooling tunnel to restore the original temperature and humidity, elimination of any impurities

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The company has factories of 4000 square feet of coverage , including a thermostatic storage with a capacity of more than 500 tons of cargo with the helps of sophisticated machinery of own design and ideation and the careful work of skipped personnel, the company is distinguished by its large production capacity : up to 20 tons per day of blanched almonds and/or apricot kernls

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The organic company is interested in internationalization and expanding in the markets abroad. In particular the company is looking for european distributors, with well structured network of business relationship in the gourmet and healthy food sector. The ideal partner shoul be able to to distribute and promote the company's products to the market segment made of health conscious consumer, health stores, convenience shops, supermarket,