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Italian company specialized in processing marble is searching for manufacturing and distribution services agreements.

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The Italian company processes marble to create works of art, design and architecture both for indoor and outdoor. The company is looking for manufacturing and distribution services agreements with the aim of collaborating with designers who are in search of marble elements for their customers’ houses.



The company is located in northern Italy and it was founded in 1862. It combines the traditional craftsmanship and the new technologies in order to create marble pieces of art, design and architecture. Hand-made work and 3D scan tecnique coexist with the aim of offering the magic of tradition and the functionality of modernity.

The products range includes furniture (tables, kitchens, bathrooms), coatings and coverings for outdoor and indoor, architectural elements (stairs, fireplaces, fountains) and many collaborations with internationally renowned artists.
The company collaborates with artists, architects, engineers and foreign brokers and it can directly manage customers from foreign countries.

The company is interested to get in contact with architecture, design studio and other companies operating in the construction sector for manufacturing agreements; manufacturing agreements consists in foreign counterparts providing drawings and final projects to be completed by the company.
Potential partners can be also distributors for distribution services agreements (this kind of cooperation is suitable only for some specific kind of object, such as home decorations).

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The company is able to manage different techniques and technologies in order to offer a wide range of products. Its strength is the absolute variety of projects on which it can work: artistic creations, elegant furniture, eternal coverings for outdoor and indoor, unique design pieces. Moreover, the company is totally used to deal with costumers whose tastes and requests are sophisticate and unique. Through its high-quality raw materials and technologies, it can bridge great Italian handicraft with mid- and high-range foreign markets.

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The company is looking for manufacturing and distribution services agreements with the aim of collaborating with designers and architecture studios who are in search of unique marble elements for their costumers’ houses. The company is also looking for distributors who are well introduced in the local market and with experience in the field of marble.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500


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