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An Italian company specialized in welding machines and plasma-cutting machines since 1954 seeks agents or distributors in South East Asia, preferably in Singapore

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Jointing (soldering, welding, sticking)
Machining (turning, drilling, moulding, planing, cutting)
Drilling, completion and stimulation
Other industrial equipment and machinery
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An Italian based company designs and produces welding machines and plasma-cutting machines. The main sectors of application are heavy industry, construction, automotive, shipbuilding and oil industry. The SME is looking for a professional agent or distributor to represent the company via a long-term commercial agency or distribution services agreement. The main target country is Singapore, but the company is open to evaluate partners form other South East Asian countries.



The Italian company, founded in 1954, is specialized in designing and developing high-tech products used for welding and cutting all conductive materials.
The core business is the range of plasma cutting generators, both manual and automatic with high definition cutting.
The products can be connected to CNC cutting tables of various sizes and using different types of software.
As a special feature, the enterprise can set up robotic welding systems to be used as welding sources, both in mig-mag and tig mode, for all the major robot manufacturers in the world.
The company is also able to manage plasma welding systems, which are mainly used in the welding of large thicknesses on stainless steel in a single pass.
The main sectors of application of the plasma cutting generators are welded constructions, shipbuilding, automotive and oil sector.
The SME is present in many nations worldwide and would like to widen its business in the South Asian market too, primarily in Singapore, through agents or distributors who can represent them. The company is also open to evaluate partners for other South East Asia Countries.

The agents or distributors should be eager to grow the company's client base via a commercial agency or distribution services agreement.

The Italian company will train the potential partner from a technical point of view and it could organise remote zoom calls to define a business strategy in the reference market.

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The company is able to offer a wide range of cutting and welding products. The cutting range goes from the single-phase 30 A plasma cutter with built-in compressor to the 180 A manual plasma cutter. This power source has a national patent for the automatic management of the air regulation for the cutting torch and it is the most powerful manual plasma cutter on the world market, allowing a severance cut up to 80 mm. The range of plasma cutters is completed by the HQC high definition cutting generators with cutting currents up to 420 A. The mig-mag range includes single-phase and three-phase welders up to a maximum current of 520 A with inverter, pulsed generators equipped with special functions, called 3D PULSE and SRS Edition, for welding noble materials such as stainless steel and aluminium. Complete tig range going from the single-phase 180 A tig-welder up to the three-phase 450 A AC-DC tig welder with touch screen panel. It is possible to connect some models of mig and tig welders in a network with the company's computers and get various information about the working of the generators themselves.

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Already on the market

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The ideal partner would be a professional agent or distributor located in South East Asia, preferably in Singapore. The partner should be active in the welding and cutting sector and can import generators. The main sectors of applications are heavy industry, construction, automotive, shipbuilding and oil industry. This partner must be independent for the installation and possible repairing of the generators and He should have internet access in order to be able to connect with the company to clarify any doubts which may arise during the sales and after-sales phase of the product. The Italian company will offer training on products and will define the business strategy for the market together with the partner.

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SME 11-50


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Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam