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Italian distributor is looking for disposable, wearable or implantable medical devices for the Italian market

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Cleaning Technology
Other speciality materials
Manufacture of medical and dental instruments and supplies


This Italian company has more than 30 years experience as a distributor for medical devices. Its main clients are public national hospitals and private clinics with a solid relationship with medical professionals. It is looking for industries producing disposable, implantable, wearable and portable CE marked medical devices. It offers its distribution services to partners abroad for the Italian market.



This small and high flexible Italian company is able to move fast towards solutions because it adjusts itself to different frameworks and collaborators.
The original company had a lot of success and reached almost 4 bil. euro in the cardiology sector. In 2004 a company branch started a new business focused on cardio-surgery and otorhinolaryngology. This new company is the client that is offering the distribution service. It is achieving success and it reached 2bil Euro for cadio-surgery and almost 3bil Euro for otorhinolaryngology.
All these goals have been realized with foreign companies and always with a distribution service.
It had great outcomes with implantable devices and disposable products that have innovative solutions not present in the market.
Its clients are public national hospitals, private clinics and sometimes private medical professionals.
It offers its distribution services to partners abroad for the Italian market.

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In Italy the health system is mostly managed by the Ministry of Health and it is very important to know the dynamics of tenders and how to approach the different stakeholders like private and public system doctors, administrative departments and companies that don’t use the e-commerce. The company has an after-sale department that ensures a punctual service to the end-users. The company would be open to improve the business focalizing its distribution service to a single brand or product. The products to be distributed in the Italian market should have at least two of these features: uniqueness, competitive price, market demand capable of supporting the business. Drugs and consumable products with high volume and/or forecast supplying (for example gloves, gauzes, syringes, plasters, towels, medical hand instruments, …) or big equipment (for example laser, computerized axial tomography, robotics, furniture, …) are not taken into consideration at the moment.

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Already on the market

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This Italian company offers distribution services to foreign industries producing disposable medical devices, implantable medical devices, wearable medical devices and portable medical devices. The potential partner should have a good experience in the field, strong reliability, a good portfolio of products (if applicable) and competitive pricing to be offered in public tenders or private clinics. A skilful partner is flexible to the requests coming from the domestic market. Technological and easy friendly products are welcome. The company needs training and collaboration for starting, in case of an implantable device. Low stock in warehouse requested. The partner has obtained all certifications required by the European Community for selling in the Italian territory. Patent and innovations would be preferable and publications are recommended. Long term contract after the first trial period. During the set-up and/or in case of complex products, the manufacturer partner must ensure on-demand a period of training/supervision at the company and/or the customers. Innovative, unique and original products for all medical brands are taken into consideration in advance.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,SME 51-250