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Italian door manufacturer seeks distributors and agents

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An Italian door manufacturing company produces several lines of interiors and exteriors wooden, laminate and mirror doors. They produce more than one thousand models, offering to the client a wide range of choice. New customized patterns according to clients' indications can be developed. The company is looking for international partners interested in its products under commercial agency, distribution and subcontracting agreements.



The Italian company works in the field of production and commercialization of interior, exterior and fire doors since 2002.

Its structure includes many small buildings used both as administrative or commercial offices and as reception areas. Moreover, the company has also got a showroom full of various door-models and personalized solutions to completely satisfy clients' needs.

During these years, thanks to investments in technology, materials and human resources, it has become a leading company in Italy.
The company already exports abroad a small quantity of products in countries such as Germany, France, Belgium, United Arab Emirates, and it is now pursuing the goal of improving its presence in international markets.

One of the distinctive characteristics of the company is its ability to create a synthesis between innovation and craft production process.

Every single step of the production process, such as choosing the best materials, taking care of both the production line work and the finished-product shipment, is directly carried out by the company.

This allows the company to be able to make all the changes it wants to the product and to offer customized products based on the client's specific requests.
The company, in order to develop its customized solutions, counts on architects and designer.

The company enters the market with the following types of interior and exterior doors:
- wooden;
- varnished;
- all glass;
- glass and adornments;
- armored;
- fire door.

The Italian producer is looking for new partners abroad in order to increase its market share and take full advantage of its production capacity.
In particular, the company aims to collaborate under a distribution agreement with those partners who want to enter the market with these products, be they retailers like showroom or distributors who resell products to other retailers.

Collaborations can also be started under agency agreements, with commercial agents able to present the peculiarities of the products.

In the case of subcontracting agreements, the manufacturer will be in charge of the construction of doors for construction companies involved in the construction of any type of buildings.

Advantages & innovations

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- Starting from their basic available models, the client can ask for specific customizations and custom work, according to its specific needs, and can always count on the technical and commercial support that the company provides to develop the most suitable solution. - All the wood, varnished and laminate models can be transformed in fire and soundproof doors, giving to the customer a wide range of choice according to his tastes and needs. - Fire doors are realized following all the security standards; the models are strictly tested and approved in accordance with the european rule UNI EN 1634 about fire resistance. - Availability of thousands of models, as can be seen from the attached files showing models of the 2019 line. - Designers and interior designers who collaborate with the company continuously introduce new models and are willing to develop new lines to match customers' requests. - The company has patented a system that eliminates the damage that the door can suffer due to shocks or temperature changes. The doors are in fact subject to impacts both during the on-site processing phases and when the door is installed during daily use. As for the damage caused by temperature changes, they can occur if the door is installed in particularly humid environments (kitchens and bathrooms) or heated (near radiators or other heating elements) or affected by direct sunlight (proximity to windows or balconies). The patented technology provides for an application on the contours of the inner door leaf, of plastic or similar elements, which allow to reduce or eliminate the damage that can be caused by impacts or thermal shocks.

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The Italian producer is looking for construction companies, commercial agents, distributors, showrooms. With regard to cooperation in the context of distribution agreements, the international partner will access the market with the Italian company's products, as a distributor selling products to other commercial partners or as a retailer or showroom. As part of commercial agency agreements, the international partner will take care of the promotion of the product lines. The Italian company is looking for a partner with a good network of clients involved in architecture and furnishing. In the case of subcontracting agreements, the company wants to collaborate with construction companies. In this case, the Italian company will be contracted for the construction of doors for residential buildings, theatres, schools and more generally for any type of building.