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Italian handcraft company, specialized in manufacturing stone to become design and smart lighs with leds, is looking for distribution agreement.

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This Italian handcraft young and small company, established in Puglia, in southern Italy, works calcareous rock, offering many lights design solutions for interior and outdoor uses. The clean and essential design, yet functional in use, also boasts a long service life and not inconsiderable energy efficiency and safety. The company is looking for distribution agreement in Europe.



Calcareous rock belonging to the group of marble
limestone - dated back to the Miocene period - is a typical lithotype of the Apulia region, in southern Italy.
And it is precisely in this geographical area that this young and small handcraft company produces many different lights design solutions for interior and outdoor uses, done with this special rock, an easy material to work with.
Those solutions - with LED smart lights - represent the perfect synthesis of tradition and innovation and also offer modern lighting items, compatible with energy saving.
The design of each single piece takes place through a consolidated team of designers. Each lamp is studied in detail,
subjected to manual checks and finishes. The company is looking for distribution agreement in Europe and it is also available to customize the products according to the specific indications of the partner.

Advantages & innovations

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The most important advantages and innovations is: 1.the use of a natural eco-material with a great aestheticimpact; 2.smart led lights reducing CO² emissions and saving of energy consumption compared to traditional lightingsystems, as the components of the LEDs are easy to disassemble, dispose of and recycle and do not contain gasesnor filaments; 3.the reliability of the products: due to the specific chosen stone materials.

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Distribution agreement, in order to meet new market needs.The Italian company is looking for distributors with a good knowledge of the lighting sector.The potential partner should already operate on the market with specialization in lighting andelectrical systems stores.The company is ready to establish long-term cooperation on the basis of a distribution services agreement