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Italian manufacturer of industrial waxes is looking to expand his business abroad through manufacturing or commercial agency agreements

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An Italian company is a producer of custom-made waxes for several industrial applications (food, packaging, rubber, candles, chemistry etc.) and any kind of product involving the use of wax as raw material or additive within its production process. After over 30 years of experience, the company has built a solid presence abroad and is now looking to expand its network through either manufacturing or commercial agency agreements.



The Italian company, headquartered in Northern Italy, is manufacturer of custom-made waxes and paraffins with a decades-long work experience that dates back to 1988. Over all these years, the company has improved its market shares thanks to its commercial strategy, which focuses on business-to-business, rather than business-to-market relationships. Quality, productivity, technological challenges, flexibility, high professionalism, environmental friendliness and work safety are the cornerstones that have driven the modernization process of this company through all this period. All company departments - such as the commercial, research and development, production and logistics – are structured in order to cope with clients' needs and thus to adapt the final product to any specific request. The company produces only upon order, realizing for each customer a specific wax, which is fundamental to its specific business. Liquid wax is therefore transformed into its final state (liquid, emulsion, pellets, slabs or others), according to clients’ needs. Moreover, the company's production processes and logistics are fully automated, in order to always ensure timely production, constant quality and extreme competitiveness.
By using every kind of waxes (natural, synthetic, petroleum, paraffin, microcristalline, petrolatums) the company is able to successfully serve many application fields (listed below) while continuously facing challenges in new applications:
- Agriculture
- Automotive and thermostats
- Cables
- Candles
- Constructions and precasts (gypsum boards)
- Cosmetics and pharmaceuticals (e.g. depilatory / ceresine ozocerite)
- Food industry (e.g. cheese / chewing gum / wines)
- Metal industry
- Packaging (e.g. flexible / corrugated and solid)
- Textile (e.g. waterproof jackets)
- Tyre and rubber
- Wood and timber industry (e.g. chipboards / MDF – Medium-Density Fibre / OSB – Oriented Strand Board)

With a view to reinforce its quality brand and reputation abroad, the company is seeking long term business relationships with international partners, mainly through toll manufacturing agreements based on a strong customization principle.
Potential partners are expected to provide detailed information regarding the kind of wax they need, including technical details related to specific application fields. After an accurate analysis of potential partners’ needs, the Italian company will therefore be able to customize the production process and to adapt the final product to specific requests.

The company is also looking for experienced foreign agents willing to promote and sell its products in other countries than Italy. Potential agents should have proven technical background in one or more of the specific reference markets and related industrial application fields listed above. Selected agents will act as representatives of the Italian company on new foreign markets and will earn a commission on the sale of customized waxes and related services provided to end clients.

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- Thorough know-how in several fields of applications; - adaptability of the company's technology according to clients’ focuses and needs; - R&D oriented company: the company reinvests more than 10% of its annual turnover in innovation, with a constant focus on developing new solutions, allowing the client to have a customized wax at its disposal, while having the same quality guaranteed as in a highly automated production line series. The company offers: - tailor-made solutions; - high customization level; - technical support with no costs for manual and off-operations.

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- The Italian company is open to direct business opportunities in the form of toll manufacturing agreements with companies working in the application fields listed in description and thus requiring waxes fitting their needs. In order to enable tailor-made wax production, potential partners will be required to provide detailed technical information regarding their specific needs and expectations in terms of final product. - The company is also looking for commercial agents holding proven commercial skills and experience, as well as specific technical background related to reference markets and application fields listed in the description field. Agents will act as representatives and earn a commission on the sale of customized waxes and related services provided to end clients.

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