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Italian manufacturer of innovative Heat sinks for the LED Light Industry is looking for exclusive distributors in Europe and Overseas

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An Italian manufacturing company producing a complete range of Heatsinks for the LED Lamp starting from 3W up to 60W range is seeking for business partners (distributors) across Europe for long term business cooperation. The desired types of collaboration is exclusive distribution. Enterprises already in the LED market proposing to the same target LED engines, and/or Power supplies, optics and/or TIM (Thermal Interface Material) are sought.



The Italian company operates in the cold forming technology. As regards the offered products, the company started initially manufacturing deep draw and progressive dies and stamping metal parts in the 1965. Since 2014 a special Business Unit has been developed by using such technology in the field of the thermal management.
This new business is proposing to the LED Light manufacturers high efficiency Heat Sinks which are produced in pure aluminium 1050 using cold forming technology and the heat pipe technology to perform with high density COBs (Chip On Board).
All the production is made in Italy and they are able to follow the customers with the development of customized products. With respect to its production facilities, the company has its own production unit with facilities located in North Est of Italy (Veneto region).
Additionally, their modern mechanical and electronic equipment (CAD/CAM systems, mechanical Press and a 3D laser) offer them unlimited possibilities of product manufacturing not only in the field of the thermal management but also in the production of Lamps metal parts.
Concerning the development of the company, they plan to extend their business operations outside Italy in order to improve their competitiveness on European and American level.
Under this context, the company is looking for small and medium-sized distributors with the aim to further penetrate into foreign markets. The potential partners should be willing to import and distribute the standard Heat sinks products into their internal market.
They should have a technically approach to the customer in order to be able to propose possible Customized application.
The desired type of cooperation are commercial exclusive distribution agreement.

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These heat sinks are made from pure aluminium and fit power range up to 11.7 W (with ΔT 40 °C), while still compact in size. They are aesthetically appealing and are available in different anodizing colours. Extremely light, they permit the cooling of the LED due to their optimized shape and the high thermal conductivity of the material which has a thermal resistance 30% lower than the material used by extruded heat sinks. Available in small diameters, they can easily be integrated into lamps with a diameter of 45-50 mm with thermal features that can greatly enhance the light performance and the life of the LED. Heat sinks are produced with metal cold deformation technology, particularly advantageous from the point of view of costs

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The Italian company is searching for small and medium-sized distributors that are willing to extend their current product portfolio and distribute the offered heatsinks into their domestic markets. Due to the type of product to propose the distribution of LED Engines, Optics or TIM are considered an advantage. The preferred type of agreement is the exclusive distribution.