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Italian manufacturer of patented foldable modular houses is looking for distributors and agents

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Italian company is looking for distributors and agents in Europe to market a patented foldable and modular home. The ideal partners should have experience in the building construction business and have available a technical department to ensure compliance with local building codes. The foldable modular home is intended to be sold worldwide and it claims to be a solution for shortage of housing and environment sustainable construction.



The Italian company is an innovative start-up born in 2019 located in Central Italy, in the Abruzzi region. The company represents the 4.0 evolution and spin-off of its parent company activating in the wood sector for more than 20 years.
The foldable modular home is world patented solution for the construction of fast and affordable houses. The patented folding system allows to prefabricate the module almost completely in the factory and to install it by a crew of 3 workers in 4-8 days, depending on the size.
Insulation performance are top of the range that makes the foldable modular home fitting in all kind of climates. Durable and earthquake resistant, the foldable modular home can serve residential and non-residential purposes and the high environment sustainable features makes it optimal for green construction project as resorts or sustainable property development. The foldable modular home can be rapidly removed without any kind of impact on the soil.
Italian roots assure the finesse of the Italian design as well as a complete and satisfying catalogue. The company can assure any kind of technological solution in terms of smart-housing, energy production and construction materials.
Given the rapidity of the installation and the ease of the transport which doesn’t need oversize load, the foldable modular home can be used in disaster relief. It can be transported by truck or shipped in containers.
The home comes complete of any kind of cladding and finishes, electric, plumbing and mechanical systems, so it is delivered turn-key except for furniture and appliances. The structure is a timber-frame realized using KVH (Konstruktionsvollholz - Solid structural timber) and OSB3 (oriented strand board type 3) panels. Inside the frame the insulation is made of rockwool so that the U-values of the shape is 0,017 K/sqmK. The catalog includes several kind of floors (LVT board, linoleum, moquette, hardwood), internal cladding (Fermacell and plaster or wood) and external cladding (wood, glass and aluminum for the façade and bitumen or aluminum for the roof). The windows can be double or triple-glazed. Anyway is possible to customize the finishes according to the customer’s request. The home can be equipped with several optionals like glass-façade, smart home automation, energy storage battery, screw piles foundation system and it can be build even off-grid as a stand alone house. The design is an A-frame composed of basic section size 2x6 mt on two levels and is possible to get various configuration adding as many sections as needed. The most requested models of house are sqm 34, sqm 53, sqm 70 and sqm 86. There is also the possibility to attach a balcony section so to get a porch on the ground floor and a balcony on the first floor. The smallest model and the following ones have a single bedroom on the first, the sqm 70 model has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, the sqm 86 has 4 bedrooms and 2 or 3 bathrooms. The house could be installed on a concrete foundations or using a screw pile system foundation. In the latter option allow to reduce to minimum the cut and fill works on the soil. The ground slab is protected by more insulation and a waterproof sheet and it is separated from the ground due to metal beams that allow air circulation to avoid rising damp and humidity.
The foldable modular home is the state-of-the-art solution that brings together the lightness and the affordability of a mobile home with the solidity and the value of a proper house.
The Italian company is looking for European distributors and agents for long term cooperation. Preferred partners are experienced in the building construction business, have a consolidated contact network in the sector and have available a technical department to ensure compliance with local building codes and national regulation.

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The foldable modular home combines traditional building methods and standard materials in an innovative modular home that unfolds to provide an affordable, high-quality environmental-friendly living space. The foldable modular home can be installed without concrete foundations. However, for long-term use it is recommended a screw piles foundation system, easily removable with minimal impact on the site, or a concrete foudation. Designed in a sustainability driven concept, the house's standard version is energy class B and it can be easily upgraded to class A and A++. By adding solar panels and storage battery the structures can become energy independent.

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The Italian company is looking for European distributors and agents for long term cooperation. Sought partners must take care of the sale, installation and maintenance of the foldable modular home. The Italian company provides therefore training and assistance courses to all its commercial partners. Preferred partners are distributors and agents experienced in the construction business that have a consolidated contact network in the sector and have a technical department to ensure technical compliance of the product with local building codes and national regulation.

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