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An Italian producer of metal swarf treatment devices and systems is looking for distributors in the north of France.

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This Italian company is a producer of industrial equipment and, more specifically of metal swarf treatment devices and systems as crushers, centrifuges, conveyors and pneumatic transport systems for metal chips. The company is looking for partners interested to distribute such devices and systems in the north of France.



This Italian company was founded in 1992.
Now it consists in 4 divisions: logistics treatment of metal chips, filtration and refrigeration of oils and emulsions, extraction and filtration of dust and oil mist, paper trimming and dust suction and logistic.
The main products are: metal chips centrifuges, metal chips crushers, metal chips conveyors, swarf pneumatic transport systems.
It is a leading company in the pneumatic transport system for metal chips. It is a system that allows to collect the metal chips directly from the point where they are produced collecting it automatically.
The advantages of such system can be noticed by comparison with both a traditional centralized chips transport system (i.e. with underfloor conveyors) and the absence of a centralized system.
A centralized pneumatic system improves the working conditions of the operators because they no enter in contact with the chips and the oil.
The metal chips centrifuges are devices suitable for centrifuging metal chips in continuous, in order to recover the cooling lubricant used in the machining process. They are suitable to treat short chips by continuous feeding.
The metal chips crushers are machines designed and built for crushing long tangled metal shavings. They are suitable for different applications, both for small treatment plants, and for centralized systems.
The company has in range vertical and horizontal crushers, for on board machine installation or centralized installation.
Furthermore in its range there are compact plug and play treatment units created combining the devices in order to satisfy the customer needs regarding the treatment of metal swarf.
It can also provide oil mist and lubricant filtration systems.
It is looking for a company that is interested in selling or distributing her systems or devices of the logistics treatment of metal chips sector in the north of France.

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Pneumatic transport system: automatic and in continuous. No need of trolleys, no need fork lift to move bins/trolleys. No need of operators assigned to the handling and management of metal chips. It improves the working conditions of the operators, which do not enter in contact with the chip and the oil contained in the chips any more. Civil works of excavation for the realization of trenches are not required (as for the under floor conveyors) . Possibility to extend the system in case of insertion of new machines. The system is extremely versatile: (modification of the site layout and integration of the system is simple and economical). In line with 4.0 Industry as it is provided of teleassistance and it can interface with the company network. Advantage for the environment: recycling of metal and lubricant.

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The company is looking for reliable and long-term partners to cooperate with via distribution agreements. The partner should: - have good access to the industrial sector, mainly in the machining and turning sector, to be able to promote and sell the company’s products and systems in these companies. - have the ability and the channels to sell the company’s products in north France

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SME <10


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