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Italian producer of paints, enamels and varnishes is looking for distributors and agents

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Surface treatment (painting, galvano, polishing, CVD, ..)
Manufacture of construction materials, components and systems


Italian company with more than 50 years experience and dedicated to the manufacture of paints, enamels and varnishes is looking for distributors and agents abroad in general and especially in Spain, Poland, Hungary, Nederlands, China. The company offers a wide portfolio of specialized products in several categories: decoration, facades, waterproofing, industrial line with specialized certifications as well as tintometric solutions.



The Italian company, founded in 1976, has a wide catalogue of products due to its process of continuous evolution and growth, based on the commitment with the client, innovation, quality and the development of products with added value.
Due to the extraordinary breadth of their product portfolio, the most outstanding of each product line is summarized below:
1.- Interior Paint: interior paint for different application uses, with more then 25 product lines and thousands of color possibilities made by our patented tintometric system and anti-stain and anti-humidity systems solutions.
2.- Exterior Paint: different solutions for painting systems and façade protection, such as anti-humidity, anti-carbonation, water-repellent systems, etc. More then 30 products dedicated applicable by brush, trowel and spray.
3.- Waterproofing: there are also different systems for waterproofing surfaces, and differentiated according to the initial support.
4.- Industrial Line: Wide range of solvent and water based products for industrial applications, as wood sector, enamels for metal and wall application, anti-rust primers , certified corrosion protection for different environments and situations, always respecting the international standards.
5.- Decoratives: for both exterior and interior, wide range of glamour collections dedicated to the decorative sector with products by brush or trowel application, with textured finishing’s and large color blend range available.
The company is looking for foreign agents and distributors to expand its market. The company has international experience and is especially interested in consolidating business presence in Spain, Poland, Hungary, Nederlands, China.

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The main advantages of the company are: continuous improvement, the company has developed a clear research vocation that allows them to obtain the most advanced technologies in the manufacture of the different products and in each of its stages of the process of manufacturing. The company has their own patents for products for specific applications, developing market-leading products. Competitive market prices: this is achieved with very high levels of productivity standards with the constant investment in process automation. The company offers tailored solution, thanks to its patented tintometric system. Manufacturing respectfully, with high environment standards and rigorously complying always with laws and regulations related to their activity in all areas.

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The company is looking for foreign distributors or agents especially in Spain, Poland, Hungary, Nederland and China. Potential partner should have experience in building materials and paints distribution. It would be desirable if the company had a developed client’s portfolio. The distributors can built a network with smaller paint retail shops and sell directly to professional decorators, painters, constructors and other building professionals. The distributors can also sell directly to final customers if they have their own retail network ( home centers, building materials megastores ).

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SME 11-50,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500