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Italian producer of vegan organic food made of almonds is looking for distributors in European countries

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Italian agricultural company produces, transforms and commercializes functional foods and nutraceutical substitutes of cheese and milk made exclusively of almonds. The company is looking for distributors already introduced in the market and specialized in organic and vegan products in Europe, mainly in Germany, Austria, France and Northern Europe.



Italian agricultural "full cycle" farm, active since a decade on the cultivation and processing of almonds, as well as the production and sale of typical, healthy and biological products.
Products are food and preparations substitute of milk: cheeses, butter, mayonnaise, cream gourmet, etc. completely vegetable, which preserve the functional and nutritional principles of the seed from which they derive: no lactose, no soy, absence of animal milk proteins, no hydrogenated fats, no GMOs, cholesterol and gluten-free.
Products meet the increasing need of healthy and genuine quality food and represent the alternative to traditional vegetable cheeses and creams and other food preparations available in the market.
Products are cultivated and transformed within a "complete cycle" at company’s premises located in a Natural Italian Park, a strictly uncontaminated environment.
It operates with its equipped laboratory for the production that is healthy and biological certified. The recipes are prepared through a qualified process of transformation, regulated through a strict disciplinary developed by the company.
For the transformation cycle, the company sources from a bio-mass energy production plant, respectful of the environment.
The potential partner would be a distributor involved in the organic and vegan products in Europe, mainly in Germany, Austria, France and Northern Europe. The company uses its own brand but the partner can use a private label personalization.

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Unique Italian food product: - made with almonds - no raw materials of animal origin - no GMOs and pesticides - company located in a natural park, uncontaminated environment - complete cycle production - eco-sustainable processing - IFS (International Food Standard) Certification process - ICEA (Official Italian Authority) and Vegan OK Organic Certificated - exclusive gourmet recipes, enhancing the taste using only organic plants raw materials - extended shelf life, - registered patent.

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The company asks to meet European distributors - mainly in Germany, Austria, France and Northern Europe - to introduce in their countries organic and vegan "Made in Italy" food products. Currently the company sells almost exclusively on the Italian market. The requested partner should be oriented to the consumers market, or to retail business type, operating also with private labels. Exclusivity can be discussed. The company supports the partner with samples, demonstrations and specific training on the unique characteristics of the products. In all cases the final consumer must be clear organic or vegan extraction. The goal is to offer healthy products that enhance the personal wellbeing.

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SME 11-50,SME <10