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Italian rail freight transportation company offers services agreements

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An Italian company operating in the rail freight transport sector, is looking for transport operators interested in rail and combined transport for commercial partnership. The company is interested in a strategic commercial partnership for a long term mutual cooperation under services agreement.



An Italian company, specialized in rail freight transport, operates a port of land located in the heart of the Italian ceramic district and seeks road transport operators potentially interested in rail and combined transport. It also looks for companies acting as aggregators of large transport demand flows to and from Italy (importers-exporters), and is interested in a service contract. The company is interested in a long term mutual cooperation with their partners.

The company operates in the intermodal sector and in the sector of palletized packaged and bulk raw materials. The company is a certified railway company and thus capable to offer a 360° full logistic service to all its customers. The company performs rail freight transportation in the Region of Emilia Romagna, with particular focus on shunting services in the main railway stations of the region. The company provides combining traction services with additional logistics services and terminals’ management, in order to provide "door to door" full service packages to its customers. The company is connected by rail with the port of Ravenna ( due to its proximity to the ceramic district), the ports of Genoa, Livorno and La Spezia, joining the historical links with Germany, France and other main European markets.

In addition, the company manages a railway freight yards and owns also a fleet of 40 vehicles. 19 of these vehicles are registered in the NVR (National Vehicle Register) and, thus, are used for trains running on the national railway infrastructure. Such engine units include the following types of vehicles:
- G2000 – diesel locomotive with an hourly power output of 2240 kW;
- D220 – diesel locomotive with an hourly power output of 1618 kW;
- E483 – electric locomotive with an hourly power output of 4200 kW.
The remaining 22 units belong to the category of vehicles suitable for shunting service and for driving trains that can circulate on the regional railway infrastructure of Emilia Romagna.
The company is able to perform the following types of transports:
- railway freights, including weighing service for trains above 1,600 tons (ref. Italian Law General Preface of Service Timetable Art. 60);
- transport of hazardous materials as per Italian Law Chapter 2.1 of RID, with exception of Classes 1 and 7;
- waste transports, 4C class (collection and transportation of special non-hazardous waste) and 5F class (Collection and transportation of hazardous waste).

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This Italian company can offer: - the best cost / benefit ratio, both in terms of accuracy and safety of the service; - a technical know-how in line with the high italian railway standard; - excellent training levels both for the operational staff and the managers in charge for the coordination of activities; - a substantial reduction of the considerable costs coming from inconveniences in the operation; - an adequate legal defense in case of problems, showing of having put in place all the necessary measures to control the risk; - a competitive and successful company's image on the market.

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The company wants to expand its business and is looking for road transport operators interested in rail and combined transport, aggregators (companies) of large flows of transport demand from and to Italy (importers-exporters), to cooperate under service agreement.

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SME 11-50,SME 51-250