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Italian research organisation with strong competencies in High Performance Computing is interested in entering consortia for the Green Deal Call

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Databases, Database Management, Data Mining
Knowledge Management, Process Management
Analysis Risk Management
Energy management
Fire Safety Technology
Communications processors/network management
Big data management
Database and file management
Energy management


An Italian research organisation based in a Science and Technology Park of Sardinia, working on biosciences, high performance computing in the fields of energy, environment, ICT, information society, visual & data-intensive computing, computational infrastructures, smart projects and digital technologies for aerospace, is interested in being involved, as a partner, in the Green Deal call on projects needing high performance computing infrastructures, through research cooperation agreements.



An Italian research organisation, with its Computational Infrastructure and Smart Projects team, is currently dedicated to designing, implementing, managing and developing platforms for the provision of high-performance computing (HPC) and ICT services.
Concerning participation in Horizon 2020, the research group is particularly interested in joining consortia for developing projects related to the management and monitoring of wildfires under the Green Deal call (area 1), or more generally, in joining project proposals in areas of common interest.
The research centre already has an ongoing collaboration with law enforcement and the fire brigade for the development of applications aimed at crisis management, such as support activities in the interventions of the fire brigade in emergency assistance as well as the creation of a connection management system for crisis situations.
The research organisation is interested in joining existing consortia, and finding a coordinator for developing a project under Green Deal Call, area 1 (LC-GD-1-1-2020 - Preventing and fighting extreme wildfires with the integration and demonstration of innovative means - Innovation Action), or other calls where strong competencies in HPC would be required.
The research centre could offer its own HPC cluster, its network and high performance storage management expertise to further develop services related to new project proposals under the Green Deal call.

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The research organization has: - Its own strong competencies in HPC for developing advanced solutions and services; - Solid background in developing projects for smart cities, environmental monitoring, services for PAs or private companies; - Existing collaborations with companies and the fire brigade that could be integrated into a consortium if needed; - Consolidated experience in EU projects.

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Proposal under development

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A coordinator and/or consortia is sought that would like to apply the Italian research organisation’s competencies and infrastructure in high performance computing, with whom they could collaborate under research cooperation agreements. The coordinator could be either a research organisation or a private for-profit organization that plans to utilize HPC competencies in their proposal. Consortium members could include (but not be limited to) Universities, non-governmental organisations, companies and local governments. Calls of interest include Green Deal call (with special focus on LC-GD-1-1-2020 - Preventing and fighting extreme wildfires with the integration and demonstration of innovative means - Innovation Action), but could also target others, where High Performance computing competencies could be applicable.