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An Italian SME offers self-propelled olives and hanging fruits harvesting operating machine under commercial distribution and agency agreements

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An Italian SME has developed self-propelled olives and hanging fruits harvesting machine (shaking machine). The machine has articulated center and 4 driving wheels, hydro-static advance, electric-welded steel sheet chassis and balancing rear axis. The multi-patented shaker head allows with vibration dosage according to the characteristics of the tree and is equipped with an anti debarking system which protects the trees. The company is looking for distributors and/or agents in Europe and beyond.



This Italian SME is specialized in design and manufacturing of machines for the harvest of olives and hanging fruits since 1960. A long tradition based on the ability to hand down knowledge to new generations alongside constant investments in R&D. The product range includes: self-propelled shakers; semi-carried shakers; shakers implements for tractors; harvesting machines. The products combine high performance with innovative technologies for the protection of threes. The products are mainly addressed to medium / large farmers.

The Italian company is looking now for trade intermediaries for a self-propelled olives and hanging fruits harvesting machine. The machine is built on an electric-welded steel chassis, with central articulation on double bearing: the first bearing (the lower one) is basic (fifth-wheel) with a load of 5 tons, while the other bearing (the superior one) is articulated with a conical roller and is designed to support high loads. The frontal chassis is made of steel and suitable thickness reinforced with special template and it has, in the inferior part in suitable cradles, the housing for the hydraulic engine, which are flanged by plates. On the superior part of the frontal chassis there is the housing for the anterior arms, anchored to the chassis by pins and bushes, while in the central part there is the housing for the arm lifting cylinder whose extension allows the machine to operate on old and high trees. In the central part of the rear chassis there is the hydraulic tank; the central part of the chassis has a series of carrier side frame, from the central articulation to the engine support, as well as it has dimensions to support heavy loads, while in the rear part there is the balancing axis fixed by flange of suitable thickness and resistance. The diesel engine and the hydraulic pump group are housed in the rear part of the chassis. All the commands are driven by a joystick with an electro-hydraulic distributor system with negative hydraulic brakes.
The advance is assured by hydraulic engine put on wheel hubs, with supported loads of over 2000 kg for each wheel, and the maximum speed in the basic version is 20 Km/h. The anterior fix arm is equipped with a quick connection system and hydraulic intake with configuration to connect both the shaker and the catching umbrella. It has central drive sitting with sprung driving seat, aluminium anti-slip footboard sheet, control panel equipped with instrument system, hour meter, clog filter alarm system, horn. The shaker head is built with a central structure in high strength steel with a central shaft connected to eccentric masses at variable geometry. At the upper and lower ends the shaft is coupled with special coupling flanges to the shaker casing. The shaker, controlled by a hydraulic motor of adequate power, can have two different types of clamps: single-arm clamp and double-arm clamp (hug effect).

The company is willing to cooperate with international commercial partners.
They look for intermediary companies or persons appointed to negotiate and conclude contracts with final customers on behalf of the companies in their countries. Agents will be paid a commission on the sales they make, under commercial agency agreements. The Italian SME is also willing to cooperate under distribution services agreements, with companies specialized in commercialization of agriculture machinery/equipment.

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The multi-patented innovative shaker head is the result of decades of research and development, which guarantee high performance and high protection of the trees. The innovative system had the following advantages: - customised shaking, with vibration dosage according to the characteristics of the tree to shake, allowing to operate both on young plants and on old trees; - anti-debarking thanks to a system of layered rubber supports; - limited leaf fall; - low Co2 emissions.

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The company is looking for distributors and/or agents of agricultural machinery in Eu and beyond. The ideal partners should be able to promote with farmers and manage the product sales process in their countries.