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Italian start-up is looking for distributors for their innovative powered module for wheelchairs.

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The Italian company specialized in design and realization of aids for disable people has developed and patented an innovative coupling system that allows to fix an electric propeller on a manual wheelchair. The company is seeking partners in order to conclude a distribution services or commercial agency agreement.



Since 2014, the Italian start-up works in biomedical engineering sector, developing several aids for disable people. The business is already international and is based on the market of wheelchair.
They design and realize all the aids present in their catalogue and can boast several patents.
Among these, the company has patented a new system that allows fixing of an electric module on a generic manual wheelchair. In a nutshell, this solution allows the transformation of a manual wheelchair into an powered one, easily drivable due to the presence of a special handlebar.
The locking system is patented , ensuring minimum lateral bulk. Unlike competing products, the coupling system is fixed on the propeller and must not be mounted every time.
Moreover, the module has also another important patent: the mudguard is integrated in the fork, realizing a space savings.

The company is looking for distributors with existing and documented sales or sales agents, that can represent and promote the innovative powered system.

Due to exclusivity agreements already signed, Greece, Ireland and Uk are not eligible.

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Summarizing, the main advantages ad innovations of this product are the following: • easily coupling between the powered system and the manual wheelchair, exploiting the patented locking system; • space savings, thanks to the patented mudguard integrated in the fork; • maximum power: 1000 Watt; • backlit multi-function LCD colours display; • control unit integrated in the battery holder; • cruise control; • hydraulic disc brake; • comfort grips with palm rest; • led beacon; • 14" aluminum rim; • five power levels; • weight 12 kg; • autonomy 50 km on a level route.

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Already on the market

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Type: distributors or agents with a documented work experience. Activity: the ideal fields of activity are the healthcare, medical and rehabilitation fields. Role: as distribution services agreement, the partner should distribute and promote the product, underlining the technological advantage and the easily fixing system; as commercial agency agreement, the partner must be an agent representing and promoting the system to hospitals, rehabilitation centers and private clinics.