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An Italian stone processing factory producing high-end, luxury natural building materials, kitchen furnishing and bathroom fixture is looking for distributors or agents.

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An Italian SME specialized in the processing and transformation of natural stones offers a wide range of high-end, luxury building products and materials that can be used in many different sectors, and for both private and business projects. It has already been engaged in very important international cooperations. The main type of partnership considered are manufacturing or outsourcing agreements, but it is also interested in finding distributors and commercial agents.



The Italian company has more than 25 years of experience in the processing and transformation of luxury natural stones and materials such as, for example, marble (Carrara marble, Travertine and others), granite, quartz, stone resin, marble cement and lava stone.
The versatility of the materials allows them to be used in very different sectors and to be transformed into a wide range of products: tiles, coverings, bathroom fixture, kitchen furniture and many others.
The company deals both with private residences and business projects.
It is already engaged in international cooperations and it carried out very important works, such as, for example, the Apple Store, the Cafè Royal Hotel and the Prada Office, all three in London. It also took part in the building of various cruise ships in different shipyards.
The company would like to expand its business abroad and it is, therefore, willing to establish manufacturing or outsourcing agreements. It is also interested in selling its products through distribution services or commercial agency agreements.

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The company can fully satisfy the needs of customers and find the best material for their project, helping to avoid costly mistakes that could reduce the budget. Over the year it has shown high reliability and professionalism together with a great flexibility, and technical and organizational capacity. What make this company very competitive are its very quick production and response times, its first-rate products and the excellent quality of its work.

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The Italian stone processing factory is looking for qualified potential partners who are interested in establishing manufacturing or outsourcing cooperations with specialists and suppliers of high-end luxury building materials and products, or distributors/commercial agents interested in promoting its offer.