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An Italian transport marketplace is looking for Spanish carriers for transport service agreements

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An Italian startup is running a successful online marketplace to connect shippers (consumers, business) with carriers with extra space on their trucks. The company aims to extend the international coverage of its services, with a focus on Spain, and it is looking for small and medium transport companies - including general purpose and specialised carriers, e.g, cars, ships, bulky goods - interested to establish a service agreement to work with the platform under specific service level conditions



A Southern Italian startup, founded in 2014 to overcome the logistical shortfalls and extra-costs for the transportation of goods that are typical of remote areas, is now operating at national level in a leading position. The company has launched an online marketplace for shipping heavy goods by connecting shippers (typically, consumers and small businesses) needing transport services to the transport companies with unused space on their trucks.

By applying advanced matching algorithms, the platform supports an active bidding process that is able to provide shippers with a range of quotes directly from the transport providers. Shippers can compare rapidly several options, quotes and feedbacks, and book online, paying a 10% fee as a reservation.
Automation reduces charges and waiting times for shippers and increases opportunities to travel at full load for carriers' trucks.

Furthermore, the system is able to ensure high quality and convenient conditions for several specialised transport services, including cars, bikes, boats but also agricultural products and livestock, artworks and musical instruments, furnitures, etc.

Prevalenty, the platform works by matching consumers and small businesses to small and medium size carriers. In 2018, there were more than 400.000 unique users, 110.000 shipment requests served, and 10.000 transports completed.

Moreover, in the last year, the company has started to support transnational transport from Italy to Spain, France and other European countries and, for 2019, the company will focus on the full development of the platform services in Spain.

To this aim, the company is looking for registered small and medium sized transport companies, ensuring good professional standards for general purpose and/or for special loads, on any Spanish route. Companies will work as service providers under a formal service contract.

Advantages & innovations

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Carriers will benefit from: - minimised unused space in transport vehicles - reduced paper trail - transparent and well definied contracts and fee - simple on-line tools for managing orders, offers, shipments Shippers and Carriers will benefit from: - advanced matching techniques for a matching process faster and more effective than other traditional and on-line services - wide range of specialised transport services - reduced costs - transparent range of prices - certified feedback mechanisms for transparent selection

Technical Specification or Expertise Sought

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Companies sought are: - transport companies, typically small and medium sized - with regular registration and insurance, and, overall, a good track record of professional experience - working in any Spanish region - ready to interact consistently with the on-line platform procedures Companies should specify the characteristics of their transport facilities (general purpose / special loads)

Partner sought

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Partners sought will work as transport service providers under a standard contractual agreement. The fee for each transport service will be clearly agreed. Companies are expected to be: - registered transport companies - with a good track record - working in Spain with no constraints on routes covered - ready to use the on-line platform procedures


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