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A Japanese company specialised in stainless steel belt is seeking sales representatives in the EU

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A Japanese company is looking for a sales representative to introduce their stainless steel belts in the EU. The company’s stainless steel belts, which are mostly applied in transport conveyors and power transmission machines, can be made upon customers’ request and feature higher quality and thickness compared to similar products. A commercial agency or services agreements are expected with relevant partners with expertise in advanced technologies used on metal belts.



A Japanese manufacturer of thin stainless steel belts is looking for European sales agents under commercial agency or services agreements to improve their presence in the EU markets.

Their stainless steel belts are generally used for two kinds of machine systems: transport conveyors and power transmission, and their products are also widely applied in:

- conveyor belt: in-line image inspection system
- conveyors in clean-environment and vacuum environment
- drive transportation belt: driving robot arms in clean rooms and vacuum environment
- drive transportation belt: driving head and carriages of measuring machines
- heat sealing belts for plastic tube packaging
- oil skimmers
- forming of plastic films using the polished surface
- reel of the lifts in the factory automation field
- suction conveyors for inkjet printing system
- continuous inspection line by laser, camera, or infrared.

The Japanese company’s steel belts can be used in vacuum environment, clean and chemical environments. In particular, customers tend to choose the flat and smoothly welded belts for production efficiency and quality.

The company’s stainless steel belts feature many qualities: flexibility in size, flatness and straightness, flatness of the welding seam and accuracy in measurement, precise conveying and accurate movement, cleanliness and low risk of contamination, heat and chemical resistance, conductivity, releasing static electricity, various options of coating, polishing and perforation.

The manufacturer can offer customised products upon clients’ requests (with an exception of a limited range of stainless steel belt conveyors). Information on the company’s past production can be provided if required.

The company’s metal belts stand 200 to 300°C and can run at 200 meters per min. Paper, sheets, films, fragile thin material can be transported on metal suction belts, contributing to protection and handling of these materials.

Holes can be created on belts and the hole pitch does not elongate under the room temperature. Such kind of belts can run intermittently in accordance with robot-arm mounting and dismounting.

Their ring rolled belt is seamless along the perimeter, which enables continuous processing for applications such as thermocompression for heat sealers without any weld lines appearing on the work. Moreover it contributes to precise power transmission.

Their welding technology and manufacturing dimension management are among the top in the field of welding of thin metal material. For example, thickness of the welding seam is ±0.05mm with reference to parent material, tolerances of diameter is ±0.1mm for a welded sleeve of 200mm in diameter, tolerances of their belt width is ±0.5mm for a welded belt of 600mm in width.

The dimensional accuracy of the belt; the core of transport unit, elevates the function and specifications of the entire unit, therefore their belt have been used in precision machines.

Recently, the Japanese company has also started targeting areas of new materials, secondary batteries and printing. Their targeted end users include thin film and foil makers, ink jet, digital printing and screen printing machinery manufacturers, EV (Electric Vehicle) and FC (Fuel Cell) battery makers, solar panel producers, electronics parts makers and manufacturers that need technology for the handling of thin materials and handling methods under the special environment such as vacuum and chemicals.

With the ongoing trend for IoT (Internet of things) and demand for rechargeable batteries, handling of thin materials of different properties such as sensors, small motors, electronics parts are demanded. Thus, the metal belt market is expected to expand and higher specifications will be demanded on metal belts. In view of this, the Japanese company is looking for reliable partners to support their business expansion in the EU with benefit for the two partners.

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The company belts also provide below advanced features when compared with common belts available on the market. - The thickness of their stainless steel belt ranges from 0.1 mm to 0.5mm, while other steel belt manufacturers focus on the belt that is thicker than 0.6mm. Therefore, the minimal diameter of a pulley for their belt can be about 50mm. It enables their steel belt to run in limited space. - The company can provide the ring rolled belt for more limited space than usual. The ring rolled belt has a high bend stress level, so that small pulleys of 400 x the thickness can be applied, while common welded belts require a pulley diameter of 700 x the thickness of the metal belt. - The company's metal belts removed the need of manual sampling inspection to adopt an automated full inspection by camera, laser, and infrared with their flat running surface. Therefore saving time and improving quality screening. - The company has installed an internal standard for the quality of stainless steel, which is even stricter than Japanese JIS standard (already one of the stricter in the world), in order to achieve the all-important straightness of the metal belt

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The Japanese company is looking for sales representatives who have experience and knowledge in automated manufacturing lines. Both individuals and companies are acceptable. Preferable: experience and knowledge in stainless steel belts or applications in driving technology and mechanical transport.

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SME 11-50,SME <10


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Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom