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A Japanese manufacturer of conveyor systems is looking for sales agents in the EU

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A Japanese equipment manufacturing company, specialised in conveyor systems, is looking for sales agents in order to expand its activities in the EU. The potential partners would help them find customers who are in need of their machineries and able to present the company’s products. Since all their equipment are custom made, the agents would facilitate the exchange of details before any official sales. A commercial agency agreement will be achieved with relevant partners.



A Japanese equipment manufacturing company is seeking sales agents in the EU.

The company manufactures conveyor systems used in the production of daily goods such as food, bottles, kitchenware, medicine and more. The company has been producing this machinery bespoke to customers’ wishes for more than 20 years.

The conveyor systems can be supplied in combination with robot systems which are supplied by a well-known Japanese heavy industry company with which the company has a cooperation agreement.

Based on the fact that all of their products are custom made, direct engineering discussion is necessary at the beginning of the sales process. Therefore, the company needs agents rather than distributors in the EU. Such direct communication on engineering detail and specification can be done through email, but direct face to face discussions can also be arranged with the customers if necessary.

The main reason that the company is looking for customers in the EU is because of its fair business landscape.

The partnership would be concluded under a commercial agency agreement with relevant agents, possibly with some engineering background.

Advantages & innovations

Cooperation plus value: 
As a manufacturer of customised machinery, specialised in conveyor systems, the company offers the following advantages: 1. Over 20 years of experience with a good track-record. 2. Taking advantage of their rather small factory size, the machinery is all custom-made according to customers’ needs. This provides flexibility and the production of the machinery bespoke to the customers’ wishes. 3. The company is small, thus this creates a price-advantage for customers. 4. Variations and technical numeric advantages. - Space utility: If the horizontal space is not enough, vertical conveyors can be made. The highest ever made was 11m. Also possible are horizontal U-turn conveyors in small space or slant conveyors. - Other special conveyors: vacuum conveyor can realise precise transportation by means of a suction mechanism on plastic chain conveyor or belt chain conveyor. - Transportable size variation: from 3 mm square to 3 meters (based on actual experience) - Transportable weight: 2 tons (based on actual experience) - Transportable speed: 120 meter / minute (based on actual experience) - Temperature condition of conveyors to be used: from 0 to 50 degrees Celsius - Other environmental conditions: Conveyors can be made to meet clean room class 100. Also for dusty conditions. 5. The company designs the machinery in-house, yet all parts are sourced from subcontractors. This has the advantage of obtaining almost any part available on the market. 6. The assembly and tests are done in-house. If customers are able to visit the company, functionality or performance test can be conducted in front of the customer until the customer is satisfied. 7. The installation of any machinery is done by their setup engineers at the customers’ site until the customer agrees with the performance. 8. The machinery developed by the company fulfill the CE mark criteria.

Partner sought

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The Japanese company is looking for a partnership with agents preferably having some engineering background. The agent remuneration will be on a commission basis. The agent could work alone and independently. The role the Japanese company expects the partner to fulfill is to introduce them to customers who may have potential need of their machineries.

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SME <10


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Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom