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A Japanese manufacturer of gas atomization devices and metal powders offers services agreements targeting France and Germany

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A Japanese company specialised in gas atomization devices which produce metal powders and ribbons is offering its manufacturing services under a service and/or manufacturing agreement. The company products are used for 3D printing materials, batteries, special glass etc. and also has an extensive experience in vacuum technologies, in order to meet client’s specific requirements. The company is specifically looking for partners in Germany and France.



Established in 1952, the Japanese company is specialised in machinery predominantly used for the production of non-equilibrium metal materials, such as metal powders. They have extensive experience in vacuum technologies, temperature control (rapid cooling), and motion mechanisms.

The company is offering order-made manufacturing services for:

- metal powders / ribbons;
- gas atomization devices that can produce metal powders

The metal powders are produced using alloys specified by the client. The Japanese company then uses their on-site equipment to experiment with the alloy resulting in powder down to diameters of 10 micrometres. Manufacturing metal ribbons is done using their quenching machines capable of rapid cooling (thinness of plates is negotiable)

All of these services are bespoke to client’s requirements.

Their gas-atomized powder has been used for a large number of applications. Notable examples are: 3D printing materials, soft & hard magnetic materials, battery materials, thermoelectric conversion materials, special glass materials, solder balls, metal injection molding (MIM), light metal materials, thermal spray materials, and plasma welding materials.

The company is looking to expand their activities to Europe starting with Germany and France, and is offering potential partners their capabilities through a service and/or manufacturing agreement.

They are willing to consider partners such as universities, research institutions, and private sector companies that are researching non-equilibrium metal materials.

The aim is to establish a long term relation with the potential users of their manufacturing services providing them regular support in their needs.

Advantages & innovations

Cooperation plus value: 
The services provided by the company are all bespoke to the client’s wishes, and they have a wide range of experience with many metal materials. The gas atomization device has an original gas nozzle, which makes it possible to produce metal powders of a smaller particle size than average. The metal powder manufactured by the company has a number of advantages compared to competitors: - Their vacuum and inert atmosphere processing technologies allow for low oxygen metal powders - The drying process leads to high purity powder (avoiding the use of water) - The powder has high flowability for spherical shapes - There is an over 80% recovery rate for spherical powder - The average size of their metal powders is 30-80 micrometers

Partner sought

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The target partner for the company manufacturing services would be: public research Institutes, universities, or private companies operating with non-equilibrium metal materials and having knowledge of metal powder alloys. The partners should be in need of very specific products or machines that would help them extend their research and development activities.

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SME 11-50,University,R&D Institution,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500


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France, Germany


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