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Japanese producer of wooden toys for babies and children is looking for distribution partners in France, Germany, and the United Kingdom

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A Japanese company established in 1988 is looking to bring its high quality wooden toys to France, Germany, and the United Kingdom. The company pioneered wooden toys for babies and children in its domestic market, and continue to put high value on safety and quality standards. The toys are produced at the company fully owned factory in Vietnam, to ensure total control over the production process. The company is looking to engage in distribution services agreements.



This Japanese company is a manufacturer of high quality and in-house designed wooden toys that has been active since 1988. Domestically they are a pioneer in the wooden toy market and are currently seeking an opportunity to expand their market in the EU. Their most popular products are baby and children’s toys, and they are a popular addition in many concept and boutique shops.

Their newly established factory located in Vietnam is the one and only in the world which specializes in the manufacturing of wooden toys fully owned by a Japanese company. At every stage of product development, from raw materials to the final product, they review compliance with quality standards as stipulated by the Japanese Food Sanitation Law as well as their stricter internal standards. The company also complies with CE marking criteria.

Furthermore, the company has exported their products to other Asian countries for an extended period of time. The company is looking forward to cooperate with partners who agree to exclusive distribution services agreements in France, Germany and the United Kingdom. They will proactively support potential partners by providing promotional materials and are also willing to send staff for hands-on support where necessary.

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The companies’ toys have proven educational qualities. Wooden toys are considered some of the most important elements for early childhood development as it helps to develop hand-eye coordination. The company ran experiments in preschool classrooms for toddlers and children where this added value was established. The companies’ toys are widely used for this purpose in domestic pre-school nurseries. Their wooden toys enhance cognitive behaviour, stimulate creativity, and help in the development of physical and mental skills. Unlike most of their competitors, the company also has full control over the production process. The companies’ toys are made at their 100% owned factory in Vietnam which meets strict quality standards. Their CE marked toys are made from sustainably sourced wood that is FSC certified and have passed the Japanese Food Sanitation Law to prove it contains only non-toxic materials. Every point is carefully monitored and inspected until the final packaging by hands. The company also complies with the strict Japanese Toy Safety Standards (ST Marking), which means that the toys are proven to be safe for usage by children under six years old.

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The Japanese manufacturer is seeking exclusive distribution partners in France, Germany and the United Kingdom. The company is looking for partners which have connections to high-quality specialist retailers rather than conventional self-service toy stores. The potential partners must have experience in import and distribution of children’s products and ideally good knowledge of the local children's toys markets. They are looking for long-term partnership.

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SME 11-50,SME <10


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France, Germany, United Kingdom