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Japanese snow guard manufacturer seeks commercial agent in Germany

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Construction and Building Products
Manufacture of construction materials, components and systems
Manufacture of metal structures and parts of structures


A Japanese manufacturer of metal snow guards is looking for a German partner. The company has introduced a noteworthy manufacturing method and is well known in Japan. Based on their long-standing experience, they can offer customised products depending on the region and the type of snow. They are looking for a long-term partner under a commercial agency agreement who has business channels in architectural and construction sectors in Germany and understands well the products' features.



The Japanese company manufactures metal-made snow guards and snow retention clamps to prevent fallen snow accidents, and distributes it in the Japanese architectural and construction industries through a trading company.

They have handled similar range of metal-made products for 60 years now, mostly in regions in Japan heavily affected by snow.

The Japanese company is well recognised among its local customers due to their unique manufacturing method (which is noteworthy in the metal processing and architectural industries in Japan) and excellent product quality. In addition, the company’s products can be customised to meet customers’ needs for various environments with negotiable price per unit.

Based on their long and rich experience in manufacturing snow guards, they are able to adjust the product depending on the type of snow - powder, ice, corn or crud - in the region.

Following success in the local market, the company is now trying to develop new businesses in Europe starting with Germany.

The partner sought is an agent conducting active sales and who understands well the products' features. A long-term partnership is expected under commercial agency agreement.

Advantages & innovations

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- The Japanese company confirms that their products are much safer than similar products on the market by certifying under strength/intensity test along with very strict pre-shipment inspection. - The company regularly conducts strength tests including salt spray test to secure its product quality, and are ready to provide the partner with its data whenever it becomes necessary. Their instruction manual is also available on request. - Their best seller snow guard is endurable with maximum withstand load of 2.99 kN (kilo-newton), while Japanese legal requirement is set as 20 N (newton). - The company also offers 6 months of warranty period whereas no other similar products’ manufacturer provides a warranty on snow guards.

Partner sought

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The partner should be equipped with inventory storage space. Partner is also expected to support the Japanese company in interpretation of regulations in the region, if any, in terms of utilisation of metal-made snow guard and snow retention clamp. Partner should be willing to initiate a long-term partnership to support access to the German market.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,SME 51-250


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