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The jewelry producer based in Armenia is looking for agents and distributors

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Clothing, shoes and accessories (including jewellery)


The Armenian company specialized in the production of a wide range of jewelry made from natural minerals and stones, is looking for partners to conclude distribution services or commercial agency agreements.



The company, which produces a wide range of jewelry from natural minerals and stones, acts since 2016. The company produces jewelry for women and men from natural semi-precious stones. In particular, the wide range of stones envisages amethyst, aquamarine, carnelian, jadeite, obsidian, pearl, nephrite, etc. The company creates hand-made ornaments, among which one can find various pieces of ethnic jewelry, along with works that will be harmonious with the inner self of each person. The color palette offered by the company will give an opportunity for new images to emphasize individuality. Jewelry can be combined with leather, decorative tape, lace, clay, and crystals. Jewelry is individually packed in boxes. The company sells its products in local jewelry boutiques, within online shop platform, as well as has an experience of exporting to Germany. Having an aim to expand the volume of its products and to sell them in other countries, the company seeks a distribution services agreement. In order to present its products and be available in a wide public, the company is looking for agents to cooperate under a commercial agency agreement.

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- Jewelry is made only from high-quality natural semi-precious stones - The company can produce jewelry according to customer's design - All the jewelry are individually packed and have nice design - The company is already engaged in transnational cooperation

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Already on the market

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Distributors having inclusive knowledge on the fashion jewelry market in their region/country are sought for disseminating the production of the company in jewelry shops/boutiques under a distribution services agreement. Agents having a widespread network of potential retailers, online jewelry shops, as well as contacts with fashion industry representatives, that need jewelry as attributes to their collection are also sought to cooperate under a commercial agency agreement.


Broche with natural stones


Necklace with purple natural stones


Necklace with silver natural stones