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A Jordanian company specialized in home care detergents is looking for commercial agents in Europe

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A Jordanian industrial company is a leading company in manufacturing all types of detergents, particularly household, fabric and personal care products with six brands registered with its name internationally. The company has a line of home care detergents in which it is looking to expand their market to include the EU market, therefore the company is seeking commercial agents and distributors who have the experience in detergents field with the relevant database.



A Jordanian leading company, started as a family business in detergents in 1991, is specialized in manufacturing of all types of detergents.
The company has three categories of detergents: home care, personal care and cloth care lines of detergents.
The company was the first to manufacture green gel, a product that is used for multi-purposes. The company then expanded its products, having now six brands registered in its name internationally. This includes more than 200 products of various sizes, flavors, and uses. The products of the company succeeded in accessing over 24 Arab and foreign countries.
The company dedicated 80% of their lines to the home care products, they have three brands for this line, the common advantage of their home care products is the multi-purposes use of these products that would be convenient for different uses. They also produce special cleaning pastes for Aluminum kitchen tools.
For their glass cleaning product, the company consider it a promising product in the EU market in accordance to the market research they have done, and that is because of the high quality f the product with reasonable prices presented.
In addition to that is the Anti-scalant liquid product that cleans all toilet and ceramic surfaces by removing calcification and other accumulated dirt, killing off
disease-causing germs and removing bad smells.
Another potential product for the EU market is the drain opener liquid that contains very effective active substances that enhance the cleaning and sanitization process. Removes any clogging, bad smells, and harmful bacteria.
Finally, the company is the only one in the region that produce dishwashing tablets, that are eco clean products for dishwashers.
The capacity of the company currently stands at 60 million kg annually of various products. To accomplish this huge mission in the best manner, the company has recruited more than 240 qualified personnel who work at the industrial facility of the group on an area of 95,000 square meters in the city of Mafraq in Jordan. In the factory, they have 14 engineers (chemical, mechanical, mechatronics and electrical engineers) to make sure that the flow of work is well integrated in addition to 4 marketing officers.
In the company, a dedicated R&D department under the supervision of two chemical engineers and a chemist of 20 years of experience who are responsible for the development and testing process of the products of the company. They import most of their raw materials from Europe, such as Italy. They have developed a traceability code for all local and imported products.
They also have their own plastic factory, a small factory for their packaging services of the different products.
On the social level, the company is keen to get involved with the society, therefore they have signed a cooperation agreement with a local public university to allow students to have training and to use the laboratories and other facilities in the factory.
The philosophy of the management has scientific foundations, which essentially aim at achieving development and sustainability. The company believes in the importance of establishing real partnerships with all stakeholders to fulfill the common interests of consumers and other partners from the public and private sectors. The company already has partnerships with the regional and international area, their products take place in the markets of 28 countries including Europe such as: Germany, Sweden, Netherlands and Turkey, and now looking for commercial agents and distributors in Europe who would help expand their market over there.

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The company with 26 years of experience has: - Forward and Backward integration - Highly Dynamic - Satisfying needs of the market though having wide range of products - The first of its kind in Jordan to receive the MIS 9001, 18001 & 14001 quality certification - 98 percent of all materials used in their products are environmentally-friendly - They are the only factory in Jordan who received the “Jordan Standards & Metrology Organization” quality mark for several products.

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The commercial agents and distributors must have the experience in the field as well the contacts and the ability to well introduce the company to the EU markets.

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Already on the market

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The company is looking for commercialization experts and distributors to expand their market to Europe. For commercial agents, it is important for the partner to have good experience in the field of detergents, have the ability to promote the products in a well manner in the EU markets, have the knowledge of the needs of the market to well advertise, also to have a good number of contacts to ensure the visibility. For the distributors, the company is looking for partners to sell its products. The distributor is requested to have the experience with detergents factories. The company is available to sign a one year trial agreement with the proper distributors.

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SME 11-50