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A Jordanian company specialized in producing roast and grind coffee, is looking for EU partner as commercial agent, distributors, and partner interested in manufacturing agreements.

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A Jordanian coffee-roasting company specialized in producing variety types of coffee is looking for EU partners as commercial agents, distributors, or partners interested in manufacturing agreements. The company exports to different countries around the world, and they are interested to expand their markets mainly to Germany, Spain, Netherlands, and France The company has the ability to produce private label products, and different type of grind and roasted coffee.



A Jordanian company established in 2010 specialized in producing coffee. The production line for roasting the green coffee and packaging is certified to ISO 22000:2005. The capacity of the coffee production lines is 1500-2400 ton/year depending on the type and package size of the product.
The company produces variety of coffee products with the ability to choose custom type upon request:
• Special coffee blend
• Coffee beans origin
• Roast level:
o Light
o Medium
o Dark
• Coffee Grind:
o Whole beans
o Ground
The available packaging:
• Aluminium vacuum bag (Fresh-roasted coffee can be packed in vacuum sealed bag)
• Packet with vacuum bag inside (Fresh-roasted coffee can be packed in vacuum sealed bag)
• Jute bag
As well as the company offer made-to-order Roasted coffee Blends. The company is selling the coffee supplying coffee shops, distributors, hypermarkets, wholesalers, restaurants and hotels across the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and worldwide.
The company export to different countries, and they are interest to expand export their markets mainly to Germany, Spain, Netherland, and France, through partnering with distributors, and commercial agents, and is interested partners to produce coffee in Jordan using the company production lines
In addition to that, it have the ability to produce private label products upon request.

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As a coffee-roasting specialist, the company is dedicated to providing its customers with the coffee possible, using production lines certified to ISO 22000:2005, where the coffee is carefully roasted to preserve each variety’s unique characteristics and flavours. Followed by a number of essential stages including but not exclusively raw materials selection, sterilization, machine cleaning, loading and unloading, in addition to using food grade packaging and equipment. The company offer a private label design, which has a specialized creative and innovative department for packaging design, with skilled and experienced staff, which had the ability to produce private label products, with different size of packaging upon request.

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Already on the market

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The company is looking for EU experienced partners as follows : 1. Distributors specialized in distribution and selling of coffee and/or food products for retail outlet stores, restaurants, and coffee shops, hypermarket chains. 2. Agent who is willing to represent and sell the company product in several EU countries. 3. Partners interested to produce roasted and/or ground coffee in Jordan using the company production lines based in manufacturing agreements, to open new market.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500


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France, Germany, Netherlands, Spain