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A Jordanian oil products factory looking for distributors in Europe/Germany

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In 2005, an oil press was established in Jordan intending to bring pure and natural products to the market. The oil press grown into an oil factory with a wider range of oil products aiming to produce a whole range of genuine and pure natural products to satisfy the customers. The factory uses cold pressed oil technique. The company is looking for distributors in Europe for their products specially in Germany.



Jordanian oil factory with 13 years of experience in manufacturing steam stilled oils, Hydrosols, seeds paste like Tahini and black seed paste.
The factory produce 24 various oils and other types that are upon request, that are full of vitamins, good for the heart health, purifies blood, detoxify, reduces the risk of heart attacks, strengthen the immune system, etc. Such oils are: black seed (Nigella Sativa oil), flaxseed oil, sesame oil, pumpkin seed oil, walnut oil, red pepper, onions, Anise seeds and many other oils.
It also has certain lines for Dead sea salts, with herbal extracts for food and natural soaps. The company is also involved in manufacturing gluten free flours like coconut, almond, maize and millet flour.
Recently, it started producing capsules as food supplements containing oils and other herbal mixes, the factory is keen to keep their products with no solvents, chemicals, preservatives, animal products or GMO seeds or plants.
Regarding the plant, the factory ensures that both the seeds and oil are not exposed to any chemicals or materials which could affect its natural contents. The seeds are chosen from a fine and fresh selection and cold pressed in a most careful manner. The product is bottled in the most natural way, allowing maintaining its original quality and features.
The factory has a standardized warehouse which is formed to cater to bulk storage needs. The warehouse has all the latest technologies which help in easy inventory management as well as safe storage and quick retrieval of the products.
The factory has received two international certificates : ISO22000 in 2015 and certified for HALAL in 2016.
Currently the factory is exporting to USA, CANADA, EUROPE, Middle East and aiming to expand into the EU markets and have more distributors located in Europe, specially in Germany. This partnership would help spreading the products of the company world wide, also to engage and compete with the international market and standards.

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This factory is the first in Jordan to start working in this field. The factory has earned goodwill in the oil industry due to the fact that they strongly comply with the HACCP principles for producing safe products for the end user and they are very keen to keep their products natural and chemical free. The sales of the company are increasing annually with a rate of 35% and the factory is entering the foreign markets.

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The factory is seeking a distribution partners in Europe specially Germany.

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Already on the market

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The factory is looking for distributors who are ready to partner and distribute the products of the factory in the EU markets. The partner sought is requested to have a wide database of clients within the field and have expertise in distribution from and to the middle east.

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SME 51-250