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Knowledge and technologies to optimise industrial processes and environmental sustainability via artificial intelligence

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Automation, Robotics Control Systems
Digital Systems, Digital Representation
Manufacturing plants networks
Information processing & Systems, Workflow
Assessment of Environmental Risk and Impact
Data processing, analysis and input services
Big data management
Artificial intelligence related software
Artificial intelligence programming aids
Industrial measurement and sensing equipment
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A Spanish company highly experienced in the optimisation of industrial production processes and environmental sustainability offers its knowledge to develop and implement the proper industry 4.0 systems combining their technologies based on artificial intelligence in specific processes and sectors. They seek industrial stakeholders and/or experts in technologies to complement theirs in order to establish a research cooperation agreement or a technical one, with or without a commercial scope.



The Spanish company with an extended experience in the optimization of industrial production processes and environmental sustainability by applying artificial intelligence techniques for the industry has developed relevant products and services that properly combined can result in a complete industry 4.0 system.

The software and technologies they have developed are based on artificial intelligence and they monitor in real time the industry 4.0 systems. They work closely to big industrial customers that act as early adopters and they also collaborate with technological institutes and other entities with innovative character. Their systems allow them and their partners to jointly open new markets and to create marketing opportunities worldwide.

Among their technologies and services to be used in the customized systems are web report manager, overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and real-time industrial plant logbook, industry modelling, digital twin (manufacture curves and historic dataset-based models), real-time industry monitoring, real-time early fault detection and low performance assets detection, predictive maintenance and efficiency and availability improvement.

They are interested in increasing their collaborators portfolio establishing research cooperation agreements, technical agreements and/or commercial agreements with technical assistance with industrial partners from different sectors and/or experts in machine learning, advanced mathematics, vision process or augmented reality that could provide capabilities to complement their technologies.

Advantages & innovations

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Important savings to the industry through real-time continuous quality monitoring and past, future and on-line data processes, predictive maintenance and early fault detection, resulting in the improvement of the efficiency of productive recipes and their availability reducing maintenance costs. Their system works mainly as follows: (i) Connecting interfaces, collecting hundreds of data sources. (ii) Managing servers, gathering and archiving large volumes of data in a scalable manner to meet growing business needs. (iii) Analyzing and accessing real-time or historical role-based data for the entire enterprise at any time. (iv) Displaying data, identifying problems and enabling corrective action with familiar, easy to use graphical tools. With their technologies they have reached production stage, providing a current open opportunity.

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Already on the market

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They look for experts on machine learning, advanced mathematics, vision process and augmented reality for industry to complement our real time monitoring technology. They also would like to be connected to stakeholders that may provide different industrial sectors knowledge.

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University,R&D Institution,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250