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A Korean company developing and manufacturing multi-function IoT locker seeks cooperation partners for commercial agency and distribution services agreements

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A Korean IT company established in 2013 is offering multi-function IoT locker. With the application of IoT (Internet of Things) technology, the IoT locker broadens its application to unmanned delivery of parcels. The IoT lockers have been installed at metro stations, public street, apartments, universities, army bases, hotels, and tourist centers and etc. The company seeks cooperation partners for commercial agency and distribution services agreements.



In the case of the Republic of Korea, more than 10 million parcels are delivered every day according to the statistics. Among these more than 1/3 are not delivered directly to the customer face-to-face. A Korean IT company has developed a parcel automation machine, in order to facilitate the non-face-to-face delivery.

The company’s product is a multi-functioning IoT parcel station (locker) that offers various services such as storage, parcel receiving and sending, including laundry pick-up. For example, the IoT parcel station has a platform linked to an online shopping mall. Thus, when a customer orders product from the online shopping mall, it is delivered to the locker. The IoT lockers have been installed at metro stations, public street, apartments, universities, army bases, hotels, and tourist centers and etc.

*External benefits:
1) Convenience
With the use of the company's IoT parcel station, customers no longer need to wait for a courier service, meaning they do not have to hesitate to go out or need to be disturbed with their work. At a convenient time, the customer can find parcels based on the text messages she/he received from the IoT parcel station installed at the first-floor entrance.

2) Efficiency
Unnecessary complaints between security guards and residents that occur as a result of hundreds of parcels delivery per day can be dramatically reduced.

3) Economy
According to the statistics, dealing with delivery, such as receiving parcels, takes up to 30% of security guard’s total duties. By using the IoT parcel station that assures safe and convenient delivery services, security guards can concentrate on their original duties of security service. This results in an efficient manpower management as well as cost reduction by cutting numbers of unnecessary elevator use.

*Products specification:
- Telecommunication Technology: Independent network such as NB-IoT, LoRa, Sigfox, and Zigbee
- Color: champagne gold and silver
- Size: 60x80x65(mm)
- Material: PVC and ABS
- Features: powered by AA battery 2ea, embedded with emergency power socket, 8 months long lasting Wireless communications, function of displaying a-status of use, master key (emergency key), Waterproof, heat-resistant

Currently the company is exporting the product to Japan, Vietnam, and Spain. Based on their core technology and product competencies, the company wishes to expand their market in Europe by cooperating with overseas partners. The preferred cooperation types are commercial agency and distribution services agreements.

Advantages & innovations

Cooperation plus value: 
1. Easy and quick use: No app installation required and no need to study the manual. By just entering a mobile number, each smart door operates individually, allowing for multiple storage, sending and retrieval. 2. Modularized installation method: Easy installation and relocation: each unit can be installed separately. The user can easily extend the service to the existing lockers by registering them to the platform on a website. 3. Battery operation: 100% guaranteed pick-up even in cases of power and communication failures. As a result, customer dissatisfaction will decrease. 4. Detection system for master key open: When a master key manager or a thief opens the locker illegally, SMS is automatically sent to the security company. While forced open, the alarm system continuously makes noise. Then, the alarm of the opened locker will also send a message to the customer and the administrator. 5. Various types of payment services supported (except cash payment): Payment by mobile phone SMS message, credit card, and mobile app are available.

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Already on the market

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- Type of partner sought : Public institution, company, or any type of partners who’s in need of such locker for their clients. - Specific area of activity of the partner : Telecommunication, IT, Hospitality, customer service, government institution and etc. - Task to be performed : Under the commercial agency and distribution services agreements, a potential partner will be in charge of distribution of the products utilizing their concrete local networks. However, it also can be an individual entity purchasing the products for their own good.