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A Korean company is looking for partner for their mobile negative pressure isolation room(NPIR) products under distribution services agreement

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A Korean company specialized in designing and manufacturing mobile negative pressure isolation room (NPIR) products is looking for partners for distribution services agreement to distribute its product which is strict isolation equipment of patients for infectious diseases. The company is looking for a distribution services agreement with distributors who are specialized in contagious diseases and medical equipment, government project bidding.



The Covid-19 virus pandemic is increasing to over 200,000 casualties in 185 countries. However, the current lack of medical equipment is an urgent threat to cope with new suspected and confirmed patients. Many experts say that early detection through accurate testing and containment is a key measure to control the infection. The current situation shows the need to introduce medical isolation equipment to improve safety, such as the prevention of the spread of infectious disease within the hospitals.

A Korean energy safety company that has been manufacturing ESS (Energy Safety Management System) products since 2014, recently launched a mobile negative pressure isolation room (NPIR) as a new product that can prevent infectious diseases such as COVID 19, SARS, and Ebola. The company has developed its existing products to manufacture a mobile NPIR product portfolio since the COVID 19 virus disease became widespread.

Using a multi-stage air filter structure with HEPA and PRE filters, the mobile negative pressure equipment can sensitively and accurately filter virus and unwanted dust. This technology can remove over 99.97% on a 0.3-micrometre basis. In addition, wall studs designed with triple insulation, which is one of the company’s patented technologies, can effectively block the outflow of viruses.

It is applicable to mobile intensive care units (ICUs) in hospitals, small (5-20 bed) emergency containment rooms at multi-cultural facilities and transportation infrastructures for patients with infectious diseases and temporary
the local government designated screening centre.

The company is now seeking collaboration with local healthcare providers who deploy negative pressure isolation rooms in hospitals, clinical laboratories, and government, in the form of distribution services agreement.

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The offered mobile NPIR product prevents virus release, applying negative pressure differences combined with negative pressure equipment, virus filtering system with a certified HEPA filter and air circulator. And its mass production and mobile installation allow quick response to virus outbreaks (max 50 units take a week after an order in the domestic market). Additionally, it is able to become a mobile hospital when the system is interlocked. It also uses VOC (volatile organic compounds) free material as an interior finish, which is harmless to the human body, combining functions such as insulation, fireproof, structure and waterproof.

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The Korean company prefers partners who have plenty of customer networks of hospitals, clinical laboratories, governments and distributors. The partners should be specialized in marketing & selling medical equipment related to infectious diseases, which will be helpful to distribute its mobile negative pressure isolation room and in participating in government tender under distribution services agreement.