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A Korean company manufacturing enterprise/industrial smartphones and handheld computers seeks international partners under commercial agency/distribution service agreements

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Founded in 2006, a Korean company has become one of the top 3 industrial mobile device companies and has established its own brand since 2013 to make and supply enterprise/industrial rugged smartphones. It has passed various tests, such as water/dustproof, low/high temperature, 2 meters drop test, which guarantee its durability in extreme environments. It can be supplied in customized form factors. The company is looking for cooperation under commercial agency/distribution service agreements.



In these days, the market size of the global handheld computer is valued over 31.7 billion euros.

In particular, along with the increasing demand on non-face-to-face purchases and payments due to the COVID-19, handheld computers and Enterprise smartphones, which are able to form big data, are used in various industries including retail, transportation and logistics, healthcare, and food service. The vast amount of data collected from each industrial field can be used for numerous purposes such as inventory/order/sale/field service/manufacturing/customer-care/patient management.

Basically, a handheld computer & a rugged smartphone used in industry is similar to a general consumer-smartphone, however, it is designed to support the android enterprise version and it must be equipped with a much higher durability and high-performing barcode scanning function.

In line with this trend, the Korean company, founded in 2006, has successfully developed and produced enterprise/industrial PDA and handheld computers, and has achieved to become a global top 3 industrial mobile device company with over 90% of overseas sales.

The company established its own brand in 2013 and is in charge of designing everything beginning with the concept all the way to manufacturing the product. In addition, they were able to pass rigorous tests including water/dustproof, low/high temperature, falling up to 2 meters, and they produce the world’s best products that can withstand anywhere in the world for at least 5 years.

Currently, the company has 196 global sales networks in 79 countries, and the product has obtained Google’s Android Enterprise Recommended in 2018 for the first time among Korea brands.

The Korean company’s main product lines and its features are as follows.

[Rugged Smartphone]
Unlike the general smartphone, it uses Enterprise Android OS and has a product life cycle that can be used up to 7 years in the industrial sites. The product’s degree of waterproof and dustproof is rated at IP67, and its removable battery is rechargeable. It is able to offer a large capacity of 5,800mAh battery option. However, an additional barcode scanning option is not available for this particular model.

[Handheld computer]
It is a full-touch screen product like a general smartphone, however, it has a barcode scanner as an option, and attach a hand-strap to easy to carry. To reach rugged spec, it is larger and bulkier than a general smartphone.

Although the product is originally designed to use as a barcode scanner, it is a form of a smartphone. Thus, companies in the delivery service/logistics industries requiring electronic signatures of the recipient, and fashion stores or supermarkets in need of scanners for inventory management/count or checking of incoming goods can also become one of the major customers.

[Handheld Terminal]
The device is suitable for logistics center or warehouse. With the LTE option, it can maximize the productivity by easily solving indoor/outdoor warehouse logistics problems through data input/output with seamless connectivity. In addition, a variety of options including keypad, diverse scanner engines and gun handle are also available.

The product is applicable to all industries using barcode labels, and can be provided in various customized form factors including 4.7-5.5 inches screen, NFC (Near Field Communication) or UHF RFID (Ultra High Frequency Radio-Frequency Identification), and numeric or alpha numeric keypad.

The Korean company is currently seeking local reseller/dealers in charge of importing and reselling the products to the end-users under commercial agency agreement, service agreement or distribution services agreement.

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- Usable in extreme environments because the product is water/dust-proof, resistant to low/high temperature and able to withstand shock from 2m drop - Excellent durability with life expectancy up to 7 years - Provided in diverse form factors to be applicable to all industries - Obtained US Mil-STD (Military Standard) -810G, a certification of durability testing from the United States Department of Defense (DoD) - 10-15% lower price than competing products - Warranty service for up to 5 years (optional) - Obtained Android Enterprise Recommended (AER) by Google in 2018, for the first time among Korea branded products - Provides updates on Google security patch up to 7 years for free, based on the product released date * It may vary by product

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Already on the market

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- Type of partner sought: resellers/dealers providing consulting, software & computer solution to end-customers in retail/manufacturing/government/public sectors/healthcare etc. - Specific area of activity of the partner: Preferably, those with adequate knowledge on a rugged mobile computer, a rugged smartphone or barcode/RFID (Radio-Frequency IDentification). Solution providers delivering ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), work-flow management solution, mobile workforce management solution, proof of delivery solution, warehouse management solution, SCM (Supply Chain Management) solution, or healthcare/patient solutions etc. - Task to be performed: introducing the products as hardware reselling, or integrate their own solutions to the devices to offer, or deliver the products with value-added integration service.


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