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A Korean company of a real-time GPS tracker which supports global roaming and strong sensor-connectivity is seeking a partnership in distributing their device or applying it into the partner’s IT solutions

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A Korean company’s GPS tracker supports global roaming, enabling tracking service for cross-border movements. Its strong sensor connectivity makes it possible to be used combined with other sensors. As the tracking service is provided through a cloud service platform, all sizes of enterprise can easily apply the service in their business with no additional IT system development. The company seeks partners to conclude commercial agency agreements or distribution services agreements.



The GPS tracking devices are widely used by various users with different purposes, including businesses, governments, and individuals, to share real-time information. Also, the number of users is continuously increasing throughout the world. According to research, the global GPS tracking market size is anticipated to reach USD 2.53 billion by 2023.

South Korea, as one of the emerging markets for GPS tracking device, has a great potential for growth, accordingly producing many competitive companies with outstanding strengths in their GPS tracking products and services.

Over 1,200 domestic users are using the company’s service and device, and users vary from major domestic corporates and small businesses with professional needs in real-time location service to individuals, governmental organizations, such as nurseries in need of providing parents with a safe-location service of the kids.
The company’s device has the following features;

• Global roaming over 150 countries available
Most 3G trackers are bound to use within very limited regions due to their dependency on local telecom services. The company’s device, supported by global SIM, enables tracking service for cross-border movements

• Strong sensor-connectivity
The device has strong connectivity with BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) devices such as sensors and beacons, allowing diverse service combined with those devices. For example, the company’s device can be applied to monitoring the functionality of a refrigerator in the vehicle, checking on/off-board status of students, diagnosing the health status of vehicles

• Available to be used independently and worldwide
Many trackers applying short-range network technology such as Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, need to be around a mobile-phone with its Bluetooth function open. Unlike those devices, the company’s device, applying cellular network technology, can operate independently without any assistance from another device. Independence improves the quality of service while also reducing the risk of service failure.

• Served through Cloud service platform
The tracking service is provided through a cloud service platform. It allows small business owners with only a few vehicles to manage to hire the company’s service without having to develop an IT system of their own. In addition, it does not bind users to a long term contract. Either short or long term contract is available depending on the user’s needs or preferences.

The company seeks partnerships in distributing the device in other countries to reach international customers in need of tracking service under distribution agreement or IT service providers who can apply this technology to their existing solutions under commercial agreement.

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A Korean company’s GPS tracker provides convenient and smart tracking, allowing users to track the carrier of the device whether it is a person or an object such as a vehicle. Unlike other products, the device supports global roaming, enabling tracking service for cross-border movements and it can also be used combined with other sensors due to its strong sensor connectivity. Furthermore, it can be used to monitor logistics and vehicles and to protect family members such as children and elderly people with Alzheimer.

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 Type of partner sought : 1) IT service providers who can include the company’s service and product in the list of their IT solutions to their customers (Commercial agreement) 2) Domestic wholesalers or retailers to distribute the company’s product through their channels (distribution agreement) 3) Business users who want to apply the company’s service in their business process such as (Commercial agreement) - Vehicle management companies - Logistics companies - Primary education institutions - Delivery Service Providers 2) Specific area of activity of the partner: - IT product distribution - IT service provider - Vehicle management  The task to be performed: - Distribution of the company’s service/product - Development of new service offering applying our product