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A Korean company specialized in manufacturing high-quality slide rails and rollers for household appliances seeks partners to sign distribution service agreement or manufacturing agreement

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A Korean supplier of slide rails and rollers, used in the drawers of refrigerators, ovens, dishwashers, washing machines, and other household appliances, wishes to cooperate with major European companies in the sphere of household appliances under a distribution service agreement or manufacturing agreement. Its products are suitable for high- and low temperature as well as highly humid environments. All products can be customized depending on the customer’s environment.



Since its foundation in 1991, the Korean company has been specializing in the manufacturing of world-class precision ball bearing slides (rails and rollers) with its 20 years of know-how and automatic production line.

In 2001, the company became the first Korean manufacturer to succeed in producing slide rails for home appliances that used to be imported from abroad only. Their products are mainly used in opening and closing drawer-type doors of household appliances including but not limited to refrigerators, ovens, and dishwashers.
The products also can be applied to an armrest, cup holder, center console shale, pull-out drawer, seat cushion extender and etc. of automotive which basically everything that needs a sliding system for opening and closing/moving back and forward.

The company has a wide range of products apart from the standard ones. For clients’ convenience, the company offers rails providing automated closing, smooth closing, opening without a handle or operating faultlessly in high- and low temperature as well as highly humid environments. In addition, for clients unable to use the standard products, the company provides new customized product development or product adaptation, and if necessary, joint design with the client company.

The slides for a refrigerator which is their representative product has been ranked number one in global sales for 8 consecutive years since 2009 (as of 2017). The company has been supplying both parts and finished parts to more than 20 global companies from 12 countries including the US and China.

Aside from its main features above, the company secures product quality by performing all main processes in-house. Not only a manufacturing process for slide rails (Forming-Press-Plating-Assembly) but also their own manufacturing facilities for injection molding enable them to produce reliable functional parts by themselves.

In addition, as the company has its branch offices/liaison offices outside Korea, e.g. in the US, Germany, China, and Mexico, they are able to conduct prompt action to clients’ needs. With their ability to personalization in accordance with the customers’ needs and local environment, the company wishes to find a partner to expand its market to Europe under a distribution service agreement or manufacturing agreement. The ideal partners are either a household appliance/automotive manufacturer who can directly apply the Korean company's rails to their end-use products or a tier-1/tier-2 who supplies products to the manufacturers.

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- Own in-house slide rail plating line that ensures secure, quality products - Own R&D team allowing customized rail production and solution supply - Branch offices and liaison offices in the USA, Germany, China, and Mexico that facilitate prompt action - Diverse product options: ‘Soft closing’, ‘Push-to-open’, ‘Push-to-open & soft closing’, etc. - Diverse materials apart from steel (STS304, STS430, etc.) - Possible to supply both side-rails and under-rails (related patents granted) - Benefits for companies from the countries that have an FTA with South Korea, e.g. provision of the certificate of origin and tax benefits

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Type and Role of Partner Sought: An ideal partner may already be selling household appliances including but not limited to refrigerators, ovens, and dishwashers and is seeking additional vendors for parts. Or, a tier-1 or tier-2 which supplies products to the appliances/automotive makers.