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A Korean company specialized in VR (virtual reality) technology based mental healthcare solution is looking for partners under technical cooperation agreement or research cooperation agreement

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A Korean company has developed VR based therapeutic contents for various types of mental or cognitive disorders. Combining graphene sensors, this solution matches automatically to the user’s condition and provides non-drug, non-face-to-face, and low-cost psychiatry VR therapy at home. This company is looking for partners under technical cooperation agreement or research cooperation agreement.



Since 2020, the Korean company has been developing VR technology-based metal healthcare solution to overcome several inconveniences in general offline based mental care; the negative social awareness of mental illness, compulsory face-to-face counseling and drug therapy, and high consultation fees for long term therapy.

This innovative solution covers various mental disorders such as PTSD (posttraumatic stress disorder), phobia, depression, dementia and other cognitive disorders. The contents have been developed based on advices from psychiatrists and related experts, and are compatible with HMDs (Head Mount Displays), mobiles, and PCs. Another innovative feature is that wearable monitoring sensor made of graphene fiber is applied to automatic VR content matching system, so the user’s physical and physiological data is tracked to match appropriate VR contents automatically. It analyzes sensor extraction data to control the intensity of fear exposure pertinent to user’s condition. This helps users to self-directed, non-face-to-face psychological treatment by automating exposure intensity control.

The Korean company is looking for partners to examine and commercialize its metal healthcare solution together under technical cooperation agreement and to upgrade the system and develop contents for other potential mental healthcare application.

Advantages & innovations

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- Scenario based game type VR therapy contents - Employing wearable graphene fiber sensor to monitor user’s condition for matching and providing personalized contents - Contents are compatible with HMDs, PC, and mobiles - High quality 3D modeling using the latest VR technologies such as URP (Universal Render Pipeline), post processing, etc. - User friendly UI/UX (User interface / User experience) - Reducing VR sickness by applying ‘Human Factor Guideline’

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Prototype available for demonstration

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- Type of partner sought: Enterprise, Public research institute, University research institute - Specific area of activity of the partner: Healthcare related area preferred - Task to be performed: 1) examine and commercialize its mental healthcare solution together 2) apply its solution to patient group 3) upgrade the system and develop contents for other potential mental healthcare application under technical cooperation agreement


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