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A Korean company specializing in customized vehicle design services is looking for partners who need to source car body and component design and various working prototypes under an outsourcing agreement

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A Korean company specializes in vehicle design services, based on the client's needs for a car body and component design and a working prototype. The company has basically conducted a wide range of customized vehicle design projects. They are seeking automotive companies in the EU market who require their customized services under an outsourcing agreement.



The Korean company established in 2014 is engaged in developing automotive services for a vehicle body and component design in the national market and has built up a vast network on the territory of the country. They turned into a nationally well-known vehicle design company by meeting the customers' needs.

In today's automotive industry, outsourcing gives automotive companies the advantages of improved customer satisfaction and lower operating coast, while strengthening their post-sales services level. The Korean company is offering customized vehicle design services to enable automakers to focus on their core competencies of delivering better products, strengthening their brand value. The company has conducted various customized design projects, such as the GV80 console of Hyundai in Korea, the D27A IP and bump of Perodua in Malaysia, the CX11 IP and console of Geely in China. The automakers have been focusing on their core competencies, while the company has conducted a car body and component design project at a lower cost.
As an aesthetic value provider in the automotive industry, the Korean company offers the vehicle body and component design services, including vehicle body (Body in White and closure), interior (console, door trim, headliner, seat), exterior (bumper, garnish), and electric (W/Harness circuit and path). The CAS (computer-aided styling; for example, CATIA, ICEM Surf, alias) digital programs are conducted for various designs. They also offer the services of trend analysis of vehicle body and component design, idea sketch, rendering, mockup, etc. The company has the ability to develop and manufacture a wide range of working prototypes. Customized prototypes are conducted on testing and validation for mass production. Based on the scope of customized projects, the services would be served differently to meet customer's needs.

The company is looking for automotive companies who need to outsource a car body and component customized design and working prototype services. Customized vehicle design projects are envisaged through outsourcing agreements.

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The company has extensive experience in automotive engineering services and guarantees a high-quality performance of graphic design and reliable relationships with two global branches (Japan and Malaysia). Their experiences are due to many years of cooperation with global and national companies. They have collaborated well with their customers by providing solutions matching client's needs. In addition, they have conducted various customized projects with global automakers, such as Hyundai in Korea, Perodua in Malaysia, Geely in China. Based on the client's needs, these projects enable the company to enhance global relations and competitive automotive engineering services.

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The Korean company is looking for potential partners who need to outsource a wide range of vehicle body and component design and working prototypes. The cooperation is envisaged under an outsourcing agreement. Partners sought are vehicle companies from the same industry. They are interested in long-term cooperation with partners under outsourcing agreements. The scope of operations and responsibility will be defined among the companies.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500


The InPannel made by the company


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