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A Korean cosmetic manufacturer offers organic cosmetic products made of vegetable ester complex under distribution services agreement

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A Korean biochemical and cosmetic company that was established in 2016, has produced organic cosmetic products using Bio Catalytic Reforming(BCR) technology which transforms pure vegetable oil into vegetable oil and ester complex without any residue. The company wishes to offer its various product lines to distributors of natural cosmetics products.



A Korean cosmetic company with Bio Catalytic Reforming(BCR) technology offers premium all-natural cosmetic products.

The company was established in 2016 by a retired government officer who has sensitive and dry skin which led him to think about the cosmetic product lines made of natural ingredients. The product is currently sold in Korea through online market and is receiving positive feedback from the users.
To expand to overseas market, the company is attending various cosmetic related exhibition and B2B events.
As a result, they have signed export contract with Indonesian and Chinese company and will be producing the ordered products soon.

The company's BCR technology is a 100% eco- friendly catalytic reforming process, transforming pure vegetable oil into vegetable oil and ester complex without any residue.

BCR Technology is completely distinguished from conventional methanol based or complicated chemical transesterification process, and it can utilize almost all kinds of vegetable oils, such as canola, olive, camelia, argan and coconut oils to produce base oils with different properties.

The company’s natural ester oils retains small particle structure of plant-based oil, helping skin cells absorb natural nutrients of plant oil deep into the skin. Their oil is one of the best ingredients for natural cosmetics as it exceeds other types of oil in its cleansing, penetrating and moisturizing power.
The company’s product is registered as International Cosmetic Ingredient (ICID) and can be found in Korea Cosmetic Dictionary.

They have launched different product lines such as cleansing oil, body oil, moisturizing skin, essence, ampoule, repair cream and cleansing oil and body oil for baby.

They wish to cooperate with distributors interested in natural cosmetic products, especially in natural ester oil.

They are interested in offering their product to countries with cold and dry weather during winter such as Russia, Switzerland, Germany.

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- The company's natural ester oil has small particle structure of plant -based oil which helps skin cells absorb natural nutrients of plant oil deep in to the skin. - Ester oil mixes with water without emulsifier, making it easy for skin nourishing properties of natural oil to penetrate deep into skin cells, 75% of which are made up with water. - Ester oil creates skin barrier and locks moisture, making the skin soft and smooth. - Ester oil is made with 100% nature-friendly ingredients and manufacturing process, hence does not contain any harmful substances that might cause skin irritation.

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Already on the market

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- Type of partner sought : company - Specific area of activity of the partner : cosmetic products made of natural ingredients - Task to be performed : distribution


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Germany, Russia, Switzerland