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A Korean developer of document security solution is looking for foreign distributors for their solution under distribution service agreement.

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A Korean developer of document security solution is looking for distributors for their solution under service agreement or distribution service agreement. By controlling sensor-embedded printer, the company prevents data leakage often caused by paper records taken out of office environment. This printer works only with security papers that come with the printer as a set, and documents with confidential information will be detected at the security gate when tried to be carried out of office.



A Korean company specialized in computer and printing/security solutions has been supplying PCs, maintenance and network designing services to many domestic enterprises since its establishment in 2001. Based on their unique technology and know-how, the company has been continuously growing as one of the most promising companies in the market.

In response to changes in the market environment and trends, the company which started by developing and selling computers flexibly posed a challenge to enter new fields of printing solution in 2006. To cope with the rising number of data leakage cases in these days, the company has been dedicating to Research and Development (R&D) for data protection solutions, and finally has launched their representative product in 2018. The solution developed consists of security paper that is made of micro security pattern(wire), printer which only works with the company’s security paper, and security gate detecting security paper attempted to be carried out.

While other existing document security solutions generally conduct post-accident investigation for leakage channel, this solution allows for perfect prevention of confidential document leakage. This solution can be used at government agencies, military, R&D facilities where securing confidential documents is essential.

The company is seeking distributors for their security solution products to expand their market worldwide. Therefore, distribution services agreement or services agreement will be considered but other partnership types can be also negotiable if needed.

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1) Security paper: - While the existing security paper in the market is made by laminating strip-type (about 3 x 50mm size) alloy material between two sheets of paper and thus generates harmful environmental substances through high temperature of the multi-function device, the company’s electrical-sensitized special paper is made of micro wire-type alloyed materials which is virtually impossible to remove. Moreover, it has the same thickness as plain paper. - The company’s special paper is designed to trigger detection alarms at the security gate when any confidential document is attempted to be carried out. 2) Security sensor embedded in printer: - The company’s self-developed mini security sensor embedded in the multi-function printer allows for a relatively low initial cost by ensuring single sensor installation is sufficient for a printer with two or more trays. It is known that multi-function printer with three trays must be equipped with three sensors with the existing sensors in the market. - Unlike competitors who require the simultaneous development of firmware software with the development of multi-function printers, the company ensures cost savings by eliminating the requirement for concurrent development of sensors and software. Firmware development typically takes a year or more and costs up to $100,000. Considering new printer models come out every year, investing in new firmware every time a company changes printer costs a fortune. However, since the sensors of this Korean company is not inter-locked with software, the same sensor can be flexibly applied to any type of printer. - The sensor can be used for as long as the life of multi-function printer since the sensor is not in direct contact with the paper (namely non-contact type). While existing document security solutions usually perform post accident investigation of leakage channel, this solution completely prevents confidential document outflows in advance.

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Already on the market

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Distribution partner or Security Integrator (SI) company etc. who can distribute their solution or which simply in need.