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A Korean SME specialized in producing mobile application book is looking for partners under commercial agency agreement

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A Korean SME producing a mobile application book system has provided its service to the main public organizations and corporates for more than 10 years. The system contains various types of multimedia content and it is well-optimized for mobile devices. The function of sending messages is available by utilizing the push notification function. The Korean SME is looking for foreign partners who will generate new sales leads and manage content under a commercial agency agreement.



Mobile application book industry is emerging as a promising business in the e-book market by not only bringing the contents of the existing paper books, but also adding various functions of the mobile applications. It is expected that the preference of the application book platform will be increased, due to the shrinkage demand of the paper book market and the increase in the use of mobile devices around the world. Through the user experiences of mobile application books, the users can subscribe book contents more conveniently and easily, they are currently used as the tool of delivering information and marketing by replacing existing paper media. Furthermore, it is positioned as “Virtuous Cycle Media” that contributes to save the global environment with paperless media.

The Korean SME distributes Thai educational material application books containing multimedia contents adding VR function. In addition, it was used as the only mobile application book platform for the 2020 Korea International Art Fair (KIAF), fully utilizing the advantages of mobile optimization. It has been also replacing the monthly and weekly newsletters to major domestic and foreign public institutions/organizations for over 10 years.

In addition, the company has signed an MOU with Reading Town in the US to produce samples, and is working with Fukuoka GSC in Japan for producing the samples of educational content. The Incorporation of the Korean SME is in progress this year in 2021, based on more than 10 years of experience in the field of application book production.

The system allows users to enjoy high-definition video, audio, and game contents with various mobile-optimized multimedia contents, beyond the existing digital books which could only provide images such as illustrations and photos. In addition, it is possible to insert or connect any types of web links, VR contents and SNS directly to the contents. In particular, since it is possible to deliver new messages or notifications through the push function, many companies are highly likely to choose the system as their main platform to induce users for their services and business.

To enter European mobile application book market, the Korean SME is looking for foreign partner which generates new sales lead and manages contents of mobile application book under commercial agency agreement.

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- To guarantee eco-friendly environment by the paperless application - To offer a familiar interface, compared to web-based digital books - To provide container-typed application book to store a series of contents - To get easily accessed without the limitation of time and places - Easy to download both on App Store(iOS) and Google Play Store (Android)

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- Type of partner sought: company - Specific area of activity of the partner: Software companies engaged in the area of education/public/communication - Task to be performed: Generating new sales lead of mobile application book demands from public institutions and corporates and managing contents in the mobile application book for clients

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SME 11-50,SME <10,SME 51-250