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A Korean telecommunication solution company specializing in optical transmission equipment is looking for a partner for technical cooperation and manufacturing agreements

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Optical Networks and Systems
Local area networks
Communications processors/network management
Network test, monitoring and support equipment


Korea's comprehensive telecommunication solution company is looking for a cooperation partner to expand their business globally. The company’s products range from large capacity backbone class to small capacity class. The company wishes to conclude a technical cooperation or manufacturing agreements with a partner who can help localizing products based on a certain level of understandings in communication equipment.



Since its establishment in 2000, the Korean company has been devoted to developing core technologies for optical communication equipment. As a result, the company has been successful with developing and commercializing various channels from large capacity- namely backbone- to small capacity (access), MSPP (Multi Service Provisioning Platform) equipment, and carrier ethernet equipment.

Based on these technologies, the company has grown to a comprehensive telecommunication solution corporation. It has been supplying their products and services to major telecommunication companies, financial institutions, public institutions and private enterprises. The company expects to find new market through localization of various optical transmission equipment.

The company is capable of products customization according to local circumstances and specifications, and wishes to cooperate with a partner who has a close network with European telecommunication equipment companies and telecommunication companies. The company’s representative optical transmission equipment and its specifications are as follows:

1. Carrier Ethernet
- Ethernet is a family of computer networking technologies commonly used in local area networks (LAN), metropolitan area networks (MAN) and wide area networks (WAN). The company provides products of different capacities that corresponds from small-capacity access network (computer network that connects to the immediate service provider) to large-capacity backbone (computer network that interconnects various pieces of network)
- Using single integrated EMS (expanded memory specification), the company provides end-to-end provisioning and performance monitoring
- The company’s products are very competitive in price. When constructing the same network, it can save more capital expenditures compared to other global vendors

2. MSPP (Multi Service Provisioning Platform)
- The company’s product provides integrated EMS for the whole MSPP that supports end-to-end provisioning functions
- The product is used by one of the largest telecommunication provider in Korea and has a lot of common-use reference

3. Optical multiplexer
- The product is an integrated terminal station equipment which transmits various subscriber’s signal in SDH (Synchronous Digital Hierarchy, synchronous data transmission on optical media) .
- Composition/error/performance/security management, provisioning functions are available

The company owns expertise in network design and consulting capability based on their various experience in network. It seeks for technical cooperation with the following companies:
-SI (systems integrators) /NI (network integrators) company for import/sale of the company’s products to overseas countries (the original brand or rebranded)
-Telecommunication equipment company that wants to localize products in cooperation with the company
- Local company that wants joint local manufacturing/sale by investing capital and production facilities in the company’s technology

Partners who have a good understanding of telecommunication equipment are preferred and the types of cooperation desired include technical cooperation, manufacturing agreements. Partners will benefit from expanding local markets through introducing the company’s optical transmission equipment.

Advantages & innovations

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1. The company has various references from telecommunications service providers, public institutions and other enterprises 2. It secures high-quality network design and consulting proficiency with various network building experience 3. It possesses about 30 kinds of in-house developed products from backbone to access (small capacity) level and also has high level R&D manpower 4. Also, it is able to customize and localize products according to customer demands. The company is also able to perform “Bench Marketing Test(BMT)”, which is comparing results with other users and see which parts can be upgraded

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Already on the market

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- Type of partner sought : SI/NI companies, telecommunication equipment companies, etc. - Specific area of activity of the partner : Network communication agencies, manufacturers, distributors - Task to be performed : Product distribution, product localization