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A large manufacturer of the most advanced and comprehensive smart collar for remote health monitoring of pets is looking for commercial agency agreements

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An Israeli SME specializes in smart wearable technology for pets (dogs and cats). They have developed an innovative solution enabling pet owners, for the first time, to examine how pet biometric data changes versus specific diseases, treatments and events. The company’s health monitoring smart collar continuously and non-invasively measures seven biometric indices and provides real-time access and alerts to caretakers. The company seeks commercial agency and distribution services agreement.



Founded in 2012, the Israeli start-up specializes in the pet life industry and is committed to improve pet quality of life through wearable technology. Leveraging advanced analytical methods and alerting models, the company has developed remote pet health and wellbeing monitoring solutions that track vital signs and other physiological data in real time.

The company’s proprietary low-power, non-invasive wireless smart collar features an array of sensors that continuously monitor dogs or cats in the clinic or at home. If abnormal vital signs, physiological or behavioral parameters are detected, the sophisticated cloud-based analytical engine evaluates and alerts caregivers and pet owners, allowing them to take preemptive action to protect pet health. The collar comes in three sizes suitable for cats and dogs weighing 3-6 kilograms (8 pounds).

The company employs professional veterinarians, certified and experienced software developers and qualified engineers. The company occupies a leading position in the wearable device market and has successful previous experience in international cooperation.

The company platform includes a non-invasive smart collar, suitable for both dogs and cats, and a SaaS (software as a service)-based subscription model to the company’s cloud-based analytics and alerting solution.

Unlike other wearable technology that measures only activity and/or location, the company’s collar measures seven biometric parameters on a continuous basis, including body temperature, pulse, caloric consumption, activity level, respiration, positions, HRV (heart rate variability, a major pain and stress marker in animals). The data is transmitted to a cloud-based analytics engine that sends real-time alerts to the pet owner, caregiver or veterinarian at the first indication of a medical or behavioral problem.

The company platform is the most advanced and comprehensive pet wearable solution in the world. Platform accuracy has been validated by leading universities and is being used in numerous clinical and academic studies. In addition, the company is currently working with several major pharmaceutical and food companies to identify and manage several common pet diseases – including epilepsy, allergies, heart disease and others – as well as pet pregnancy. The company’s products are available and deployed the US, South America, Europe and Australia.

The company is seeking those in industry for pet needs, like suppliers and distributors of healthy food and drugs for dogs and cats. They are also interested in information and communication technology (ICT) companies who sell bundle packages of smart home products or services – for example, for monitoring pets left home alone - and who can promote the collar and its use under a commercial agency agreement. Moreover, the company is seeking local telemedicine or smart home companies who would customize the company’s collar to fit their own product or service.

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• Innovative device built to measure seven biometric indices on a continuous basis, including temperature, pulse, respiration, activity, positions, calories and HRV. • Unlike any other products on the market, which generally measure only activity and/or location. • Cutting-edge cloud-based analytics provide unparalleled insight into pet wellbeing, helping to keep them comfortable, healthy and happy. • Helps to improve the standard of care by providing continuous access to vital, comprehensive and accurate patient health information.

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A device owner gets the product with annual subscription, on-line instructions etc., according to the agreement.

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Already on the market

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-Type - industry, business, trade -Activity – 1) companies in industry for pet needs selling both food production and accessories for pets as well as the offered collar in the framework of smart home projects; 2) agent / representative, ICT-companies with experience/ knowledge on pets, veterinary, retail for products for pets, also pets left home alone; 3) local companies (e.g. telemedicine, smart home etc.) who would customize the collar to the partner’s product / service to create and offer common product / service to their client base; -Role - 1) distribution services agreement: to buy from the company and sell the offered collar to their clients; 2) commercial agency agreement : a)to sell a package of products or services targeting smart homes or pets left home alone, actively promoting the collar;