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Latvian horticulture vocational high school is looking for technologies for diagnostics of plant diseases by hyperspectral imaging

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A horticulture vocational high school from Latvia is developing an autonomous robotic platform prototype with integrated modules of cameras and sensors, equipment and software for plant growth monitoring. The high school is looking for partners with know-how in detection and diagnosis of plant diseases by using hyperspectral cameras. The school is interested to enter into technical cooperation agreement.



More and more sophisticated technologies and automation are applied to horticultural field.
A horticulture vocational high school from Latvia is presently working on innovative horticulture project - development of the autonomous robotic platform, that will ensure plant monitoring and tending functions as well as automation and digitalization of the production process. The prototype of the robotic platform includes integrated modules of cameras, sensors, equipment and software.
The application of different types of sensors and multispectral camera ensures real-time plant data collection, compilation and analyzation in the outdoor environment. The multispectral cameras and sensors are embedded in the autonomous mobile robotic system (Fig.1), that is moving around the garden (Fig.2) to gather information about plant growth, biomass, plant height, leaf area index, light penetration, colour & spectral analysis, vegetation indices, pests and other features. Afterwards an artificial intelligence solution will be developed to assist in the decision making of appropriate technological processes. The plants’ characteristics include information on plants’ growth at different stages of development, diseases, etc. They will be used for research purposes and optimisation of cultivation technologies.
At the moment the robotic prototype lacks a system for detection of plant diseases. The detection and identification of plant diseases is a fundamental task in sustainable plant production. An accurate estimate of disease incidence, disease severity and negative effects on quality and quantity is important for horticulture and plant breeding.
To supplement the robotic platform with a system of plant disease identification the vocation high school is looking for partners with experience in plant disease diagnosis using hyperspectral cameras.
The school is seeking for technical cooperation agreement.

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Research institution or company with know-how and expertise in detection and identification of plant diseases by using hyperspectral imaging.

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Already on the market

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Type of partner sought – university, research organization, company etc. with know-how and experience in plant disease diagnosis using hyperspectral camera. Role of partner sought – supply of technology and know-how for identification of plant diseases using hyperspectral imaging.

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SME 11-50,University,Inventor,R&D Institution,SME <10,SME 51-250